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The kids are getting that look in their eye – it’s a crazed, scared, panicked look as they look at the back to school supplies coming into the house. Of course at the same time, we can’t stop smiling because we know what comes immediately after the back to school shopping…BACK TO SCHOOL!

Here we’ve outfitted girls and boys (preschool — under 5 years and school age — over 5 years) with everything they’ll need clothing-wise for back to school. If you’re looking for supplies and gear, we’ve got that list too.

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Kids Back to School Fashion Lists:

Girls – Preschool (Under 5 years)

Girls Back to School Fashion
1. Animal Graphic Sweater Dress, $27.94. Available at

2. Star Bright Denim Jacket, $46.00. Avalable at

3. Long-Sleeved Graphic T, $14.95. Available at

4. Boutique Newsboy Hat, $9.99-$14.48. Available at

5. Bobby Sneakers, $44.00. Available at

6. Hatley Paisley Birds Rain Boots, $39.00 USD. Available at

7. Star Bright Slim Cut Pants, $35.00. Available at

8. Stella Industries Purple Velour Leggings, $10.00. Available at

9. Girls Eliza Sweater, $49.50. Available at

10. Dabbwalla Blushing Monkey Backpack, $45.00. Available at

Girls — School Age (Over 5 years)

Girls Back to School Fashion

1. Knit Flower Headband $12.98. Available at

2. Timex Kids’ Time Teacher Flowered Watch, $22.39. Available at

3. Short-Sleeved Appliquéd Jersey Top, $14.95. Available at

4. Tie Sweater, $49.95. Available at

5. Cobra DIY Bracelet Kit, $12.95. Available at

6. Pink Bow Wellies, $35.90. Available at

7. Angel Kisses Cargo Capris, $42.00. Available at

8. Superga Lamé Sneakers, $66.00. Available at

9. Staples Impact Backpack, $14.99. Available at

10. Zara Girls Cotton/Linen Combination Dress, $45.90. Available at

Boys — Preschool (Under 5)

Boys Back to School Fashion
1. Liv & Lily Boys Newsboy Hat, $18.00. Available at

2. CFL Team Tee (Montreal Alouettes), $13.00. Available at

3. Tram Rockets Waterproof Boots, $90.00. Available at

4. Star Wars 3-Pack Crew Socks, $. Available at  

5. Dabbawalla “Out of This World” Lunch Bag, $35.00. Available at

6. Nerf Sport Weather Blitz Junior Football, $19.99. Available at

7. Glide & Go Balance Bike, $79.95. Available at

8. Dino Kids’ Canvas Shoes, $35.00 USD. Available at

9. NIKE Therma Fit Zip Hoody, $24.50. Available at

10. Distortion Jeans, $46.00. Available at

Boys — School Age (Over 5)

Boys Back to School Fashion

1. Montreal Expos ’47 Brand “MLB Major Boss Cap”, $27.99. Available at

2. Kids’ Digital Flames Watch, $19.00. Available at

3. Staples Dudely Fully Loaded Backpack, $37.48. Available at

4. Tachikara Rubber Recreational Basketball, 12.99. Available at

5. Tony Hawk Mask Fleece Hoody, $22.49. Available at

6. Bogs Rain Boots, $45.00. Available at

7. Reebok Junior ATV19 Running Shoes, $75.00. Available at

8. Skylanders Graphic T, $14.00. Available at

9. Roots Kids Elastic Bottom Track Pants, $30.00. Available at

10. H & M Slim Jeans, $12.95. Available at

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