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Our mission is to connect families with local businesses offering helpful resources and fun things to do for kids ages 0–12. Help! We’ve Got Kids has been a trusted resource for families for over 25 years. We have more experience than any other company in Canada in referring parents to quality camps, classes, birthday party venues, and local attractions and events.

More than 600,000 parents visit HWGK every year to check out our articles, directory listings, and events calendar.

As a member of Ideon Media—one of Canada’s leading digital media and advertising companies, whose publishing portfolio includes SavvyMom, Baby Post, Urban Moms, Scary Mommy, and She Knows Media—Help! We’ve Got Kids is uniquely positioned to offer you multiple digital solutions to reach hundreds of thousands of parents both locally and Canada-wide.

What We Offer

Business Listings

Get listed on our site so more parents find you! Create a free listing, or get even more exposure with an upgraded listing package that includes priority placement, promotion via our social media channels, blog posts, contests, and newsletters.

Help! We’ve Got Kids ranks on page 1 of Google’s search results for hundreds of popular local search terms, including “indoor playgrounds”, “kids’ magicians”, “kids’ sports parties”, and “PA day camps”. A listing on Help! We’ve Got Kids can boost your SEO, improving your chances of ranking in search results for keywords related to your business.


Event Listings

Our event listings are free, but we can promote your event by pinning it to the top of the list of events or by creating a display advertising campaign, social media campaign, or email marketing campaign to increase exposure.

To promote your event or create a custom plan, contact us directly.


Content Marketing

Partnering with Help! We’ve Got Kids grants you access to a wide array of content marketing opportunities, including:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Contests
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing — including dedicated sponsored emails and newsletter listings and features

For more information about content marketing options, contact

Social Media

Looking to increase your reach and engagement on various social media platforms? Help! We’ve Got Kids has a social media marketing team that offers the following options designed to boost your visibility:

  • Facebook advertising — including targeted advertising based on demographics, location, interests, and behaviours.
  • Instagram advertising

For more information about social media marketing options, contact

Display Advertising

Featured your business on our site or in our email newsletters through the use of display advertisements.

For more information about display advertising options, contact

We Are Growing!

In 2017, we launched a newly designed website, and we are on a roll adopting even more changes that allow us—and you—to grow.

Since then, we’ve added:

  • featured, top-of-page “pinned” business listings and event listings
  • interactive mapping features
  • an interactive events calendar
  • a client dashboard where you can verify and manage your listing
  • sponsored and geo-targeted social media posts
  • influencer marketing options
  • 360° virtual tours for business listings

Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements!

Let’s Chat

To request a media kit, or to talk to our sales team, please email Lyzza Legaspi at or call our office at 416-364-6590.