Reviews Policy

At Help! We’ve Got Kids, we believe that reviews can be extremely helpful in the decision-making process when hiring a professional to provide child- and family-related services, so we value reviews based on the experience you’ve had with a service provider.

Policy for Reviews

We take content posted on our site very seriously. By posting a review on Help! We’ve Got Kids, you agree that the content you submit abides by the following guidelines.

We reserve the right to remove any content, in whole or in part, or to refrain from publishing any content that violates this policy or our terms of use. If you believe any content on Help! We’ve Got Kids to be in violation of this policy, please contact us.

We welcome business owners to claim their business and respond to reviews, abiding by the same guidelines as outlined below.

In order to maintain trust on our site, Help! We’ve Got Kids does not edit, change, or delete reviews that comply with this policy.

1. Reviews must be non-commercial.

Commercial promotion of products or services is prohibited and we reserve the right to remove any review that we suspect is promotional in nature.

Businesses, their employees, or anyone with a financial interest in the success of a product may not review their own product or a competitor’s product.

2. Reviews must be honest and accurate

Reviews should honest and accurate. We may remove a review we suspect is slanderous, libellous, or dishonest in any way.

Reviews may not contain allegations of fraud or criminal activity unless proven by a court of law. Reference to legal matters in a review is grounds for removal, as our team is not qualified to make a decision as to the accuracy of legal matters.

3. Reviews must be original.

Content that is published elsewhere or from a third-party source (e.g. hearsay) is prohibited. Multiple reviews of the same service or product by the same user may be removed.

4. Reviews must be respectful.

Content that is defamatory, profane, vulgar, threatening, or discriminatory will not be published and is subject to immediate removal. A user posting such content may be prohibited from posting further content on Help! We’ve Got Kids.

Personally identifying information that may violate a person’s rights or well-being is also not allowed.

5. Reviews must be relevant.

Reviews should be posted within a reasonable time period from when the service was provided—generally within one year.

6. Reviews must not be spam.

Reviews that are considered spam (irrelevant, nonsensical, inappropriate) will not be published and users will be banned from subsequent review submissions.

7. Reviews must not contain links.

We do not allow links in our reviews. All links will be removed from a review if the review is found to be otherwise helpful and adheres to our review policy. Promotional reviews that contain links are subject to removal in their entirety.

Guidelines for Reviews

The following guidelines outline some best practices for writing reviews on Help! We’ve Got Kids. These do not constitute an official policy; instead, they are tips for writing a review that is useful, accurate, and acceptable based on the policy points outlined above.

1. Make it specific.

Add details and supporting evidence for your review.

2. Make it readable.

Avoid unnecessary capitalization and be aware of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

3. Make it objective.

Do your best to be unbiased in your review. Other readers are more likely to find your review believable and helpful if your assessment seems fair.

4. Make it relevant.

Off-topic discussions are discouraged in reviews. Keep your review focused on the service or product in question and avoid content referring to tangentially related or unrelated topics including but not limited to an individual’s character, personality, or views; outdated long-past experiences; or other businesses and services than the business you are reviewing.

If you have any questions concerning our reviews policy or guidelines, please contact us.