9 Awesome Splash Pads Near Me for Toronto Families

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Corktown Common splash pad (photo: Waterfront Toronto)

Looking for the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day? Look no further! Toronto has some amazing splash pads that are sure to bring a smile to your face. From the classic summer fun of Centre Island to the water-spouting adventures at the Toronto Zoo, there’s a splash pad for everyone. If you want to cool down on a steamy day and keep the kids active, look no further than Toronto’s great splash pads and wading pools.

Whether you want a sandy sun-drenched spot or a leafy oasis, you’re sure to find the perfect water-filled reprieve without leaving the city limits. So, grab your sunscreen, towel, and swimsuit, because we’re diving into the best splash pads in town.

Most splash pads are operated by the City of Toronto (see a map of all city splash pads). Splash pads are unsupervised and most are open mid-May through mid-September unless otherwise noted.

Corktown Common – Downtown East

Corktown Common is a magnificent park located in the West Don Lands. The park boasts an impressive 7.3 hectares of urban prairies, sprawling lawns, a marsh, playground areas, a splash pad, and various communal spaces like a fireplace, barbeque, and picnic tables. Corktown also provides a diverse range of habitats for a growing population of birds, amphibians, and insects. So, it’s a great place to spot some local wildlife.

The imaginative Corktown Common park and playground tucked away below new condos has a rubberized splash pad full of jets and sprays on one side, and a cool sand park on the other side with spots to eat and a huge slide. There’s also a beautiful view of the Toronto skyline, and interesting winding footpaths to explore. Bayview Ave. and Lower River St., off King St. E.

Features and Facilities:

  • Diverse Ecosystem
  • Splash pad
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Playground
  • Barbeques
  • Picnic tables
Awesome Splash Pads for Toronto Families
McGregor Playground Splash Pad

MacGregor Playground – West End

MacGregor Playground is a 1.4 hectare park located just off Lansdowne Road. The park features a lit baseball diamond, a field house, a basketball court, a wading pool, and a children’s playground. It also has a splash pad and various facilities like a bottle filling station, drinking fountain, washrooms and so on. The field house is only open at specific times during the week, but it’s well worth a visit if the timing works out.

The city unveiled this slick new splash pad in 2019. It has a rubberized surface, multiple sprays and tipping buckets and a fun “waterworks” station with cogs. Bonus for parents: umbrellas and Muskoka chairs surrounding the splash pad. There’s a sandy playground adjacent to the water play area. 346 Lansdowne Ave., just north of Bloor St. W.

Features and Facilities:

  • Lit baseball diamond
  • Field house with different hours on different days
  • Basketball court
  • Children’s playground
  • Splash pad
Awesome Splash Pads for Toronto Families
Wychwood Barns splash pad

Wychwood Barns Park – Midtown

Wychwood Barns Park is located at 76 Wychwood Ave, in the midtown area of the city. It’s the park area surrounding the former Toronto Transit Commission Barns building. Wynchwood Barns features a children’s playground, a sports field, a fenced in off-leash area for dogs, a beach volleyball court, picnic tables, and many species of trees, shrubs, and planted gardens.

This unique repurposed community space with a great park may be best known for its Saturday farmers’ market, where you can grab a coffee, fresh pastries, and Ontario veggies and fruit, and then let the kids zip through the splash pad that features water jets and spray rings. 76 Wychwood Ave.

Features and Facilities:

  • Outdoor chess tables
  • Outdoor ovens
  • Table tennis
  • A volleyball court
  • Picnic tables
  • A playground
Awesome Splash Pads for Toronto Families
Kidstown Water Park (photo: City of Toronto)

Kidstown Water Park – Scarborough

Kidstown is an outdoor water park located in Scarborough. It’s the only water park operated by the City of Toronto and is a popular destination for preschool and grade school children. The park features a bunch of different water attractions, including a tipping bucket, spray rings, a water slide, a wading pool, a splash pad, and much more. It also has a grassy picnic area so that you can enjoy lunch or a quick snack with your kids.

If you’re searching for a splash pad designed for school-age kids, look no further than Scarborough’s Kidstown Water Park. With a tipping bucket that sends kids screaming with delight, to spray rings and squirting animals and a wading pool, there’s something for all ages here. This splash pad opens in late June. 3159 Birchmount Rd., Scarborough

Features and Facilities:

  • A playground
  • Tipping bucket
  • Spray rings
  • Water slides
  • Junior splash pad
  • Picnic tables
  • Benches
  • Shaded areas
  • A wading pool

High Park – West End

High Park is a large, centrally located park in the West End. It features a combination of natural areas and maintained parkland, recreational facilities, and popular attractions that can be enjoyed year-round. High park is widely recognized as one of the most significant natural sites in the city, with over one-third of the park remaining in its natural state. The park is also home to various species of wildlife and has a fenced-in off-leash area for dogs.

The splash pad at the north end of High Park is outfitted with various water features including a frog fountain and flower dunking buckets. It’s surrounded by grass and ringed with Muskoka chairs with great sightlines for parents. A new playground adjacent to the splash pad is under construction and set to open in late 2020. 1873 Bloor St. W., at High Park Blvd.

Features and Facilities:

  • Amphitheater
  • Ball diamonds
  • Bike trails
  • A farm/zoo
  • Greenhouses
  • An outdoor pool
  • Tennis courts,
  • Playgrounds, ponds,
  • Several splash pads
Awesome Splash Pads for Toronto Families
Marie Curtis Park splash pad

Marie Curtis Park – Etobicoke

Marie Curtis Park is a recreational park located on the banks of Lake Ontario in the Long Branch area of Lakeshore West. Created in the 1950s to control flooding after Hurricane Hazel, the park offers a playground, wading pool, a public swimming beach, lots of little picnic spots and a connection to the Waterfront Trail. The park is also a popular spot for bird watching, fishing, and wildlife viewing, and boasts a scenic view of the fall salmon run in the Etobicoke Creek.

Marie Curtis Park on the waterfront in Etobicoke features a big splash pad and a wading pool, an excellent playground and Muskoka chairs for the grown-ups. It’s a short walk down a kid-friendly nature path to the lake, if you need a break from the splashing. 2 Forty-Second St., Etobicoke

Features and Facilities:

  • Bike trails
  • Volleyball courts
  • Public beach
  • Playgrounds
  • Lake Views
  • Picnic tables
  • Outdoor barbecues
  • A Splash pad
Awesome Splash Pads for Toronto Families
Centre Island splash pad (photo: Centre Island Toronto)

Centre Island – Toronto Islands

Centre Island is a beautiful park located between Hanlan’s Point and Ward’s Island in the Toronto islands. The picturesque park is surrounded by stunning views of downtown Toronto and is a popular destination for those looking for a peaceful escape from the city. The park itself is well-equipped with facilities for all ages including a splash pad, playgrounds, picnic sites, and bike trails. Centre Island also boasts a Blue Flag Beach, which usually achieves annual certification and is known for its clear waters and clean shores, making it a perfect spot for swimming and sunbathing.

There are plenty of reasons to take a day trip to the Toronto Islands: a ferry ride, Centreville Amusement Park and Far Enough Farm, the swimming beach, Franklin Gardens, and a new splash pad in the centre of the park, open in 2019. Via ferry docks at 9 Queens Quay W., Toronto

Features and Facilities:

  • Bike trails
  • A Farm/Zoo
  • Firepits
  • Playgrounds
  • A beautiful beach
  • An amusement park
  • A mini waterpark
  • Several splash pads

Oriole Park – Midtown

Oriole Park is located at the intersection of Oriole Parkway and Chaplin Crescent in midtown. The park offers a variety of recreational activities for all ages including play areas for children and preschoolers, swings, a clubhouse, a baseball diamond, two tennis courts, a sand pit, a junior splash pad, and much more. The park was just recently revitalized, and now features new washroom facilities and drinking fountains.

The splash pad and adjacent Neshama Playground at Oriole Park in Davisville are ideal for little kids, but everyone can appreciate the Alice in Wonderland–esque bronze and steel fountains in dragonfly, flower, and frog form that squirt, spray, and shower. Read more about Neshama Playground here. 201 Oriole Parkway, Toronto

Features and Facilities:

  • A baseball diamond
  • Bike trails
  • Table tennis
  • A tennis court
  • Picnic sites
  • A playground
  • A splash pad
  • A wading pool
Awesome Splash Pads for Toronto Families
Splash Island at the Toronto Zoo (photo: Dennis Jarvis/FlickrCC)

Splash Island at the Toronto Zoo – Scarborough

Splash Island is designed specifically for families, and it’s the perfect destination on a hot summer day. The fun and educational environment provides a great way to relax, cool down, and enjoy quality time with the kids. With its non-stop family fun and hands-on activities, Splash Island promises a day of excitement and adventure. Plus, you can also enjoy the Zoo itself, which boasts hundred of animal exhibits and educational activities for both kids and parents alike.

You’ll have to pay for admission to the zoo to access the super cool Splash Island splash pad, but—bonus—that means a fun day at the zoo. Besides, it’s your only opportunity in the city to be sprayed by giant orca whales, polar bears, walruses, and hippos. The huge play area also has tube slides and a tugboat with portholes to climb through.

Features and Facilities:

  • Waterslides
  • Water-spouting animals
  • Waterfalls
  • Tipping buckets
  • A cool mist area
  • Restaurants
  • Lockers
  • Towel rentals

FAQs About Splash Pads in Toronto

What should a family bring to a splash pad?

To make the most of your trip to the splash pad, it’s a good idea to bring swimwear, towels, sunscreen, and plenty of water. You may also want to bring a change of clothes, especially if the kids like to get really wet. Don’t forget a picnic basket with snacks and drinks for a day of fun in the sun!

What should you wear to a splash pad?

Swimwear is recommended when visiting a splash pad. However, you may also want to wear some light and airy clothing that will allow you to stay cool and dry quickly. Avoid wearing any heavy clothing that will weigh you down if you get wet.

Should kids wear shoes at a splash pad?

This is a personal preference, but it’s best to avoid wearing shoes in the water. Most splash pads have a no-shoe policy to keep the water clean and free of bacteria. You can bring water shoes or sandals to wear in the surrounding area.

Are dogs allowed at splash pads in Toronto?

No, dogs are generally not allowed at the splash pads in Toronto. It’s best to leave your furry friends at home while you enjoy the water with your kids. That said, several splash pads in the city do have fenced-in off-leash dog areas nearby, so as long as somebody stays with your dog to supervise, this could be an option.

What are the hours of operation for splash pads in Toronto?

The hours of operation for splash pads in Toronto can vary depending on the park or recreational area. Some are open from dawn until dusk, while others have very specific operating hours depending on the day of the week. It’s always a good idea to check with the individual park for specific information before visiting.

Is there a fee to use the splash pads in Toronto?

In most cases, there is no fee to use the splash pads in Toronto. However, some parks may have a fee for parking or admission such as Splash Island at the Toronto Zoo, and Centre Island (If you want to use the amusement park facilities).

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