Remember School Dances?

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In my children’s middle school they have “Discos” for ages 7-12. (It is mostly the younger kids who go.) The “dances” take place from 5-7 pm in a contained area (no one can come in and out), as it is getting dark. The kids run around, eat pizza and cakes with thier friends, and participate in group dances, and some sing-alongs. When popular songs like “Gangam Style” come on, all the kids are typically bopping up and down, if not properlydancing.

Although on the one hand, I think they are way to young to be getting gussied up for a dance, on the other hand, at 7 & 8, the kids are so young that it’s actually just cute and harmless.

“Do I have to dance with a girl?” my son asked. “I will only dance with my twin sister.”

And with that, off my boys went, with some friends, into the dance, and had a great time running around with each other, daring each other to dance, sing or go on stage. My daughter enjoyed it even more as her whole posse of friends were there, and they compared outfits, danced, and also ran around like maniacs.

If only dances could remain that harmless through high school!! I am dreaming right?

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