Putting Family Fun (and Romance) Back into Cooking!


Dinner Time.

It’s our favorite time of the day. It’s when families are finally able to get together to catch up and debrief. Sitting around the dinner table is the epitome of bonding time; we get to talk out problems, poke fun at each other (insert eye roll here) and connect. And honestly, is there anything better than a home cooked meal made with love (and lots of cheese) that we’ve slaved over for hours immediately prior to all this amazing bonding…?

Well, there is a company in Toronto that is taking on the challenge of making dinner time quicker, easier, and much less messy for us busy moms (slash referees, slash therapists, slash maids). Not only that, but they’ve even found a creative way to get our little ones involved in and learning about preparing the family meals, and we definitely love that idea.

has created a fun space filled with mini kitchens stocked full of delicious ingredients ready for assembly. They provide the necessary measuring cups, mixing bowls, utensils and all the amazing recipes. And did we mention they also do all the clean up?!

There are several ways we found to take advantage of SupperWorks services including:

– Dropping our kids off at dance (or hockey, or swimming) while we prepare meals for the week

– Bringing our little chefs along to help at the monthly Kids Sessions

– Leaving our capable teenagers to stir, blend and mix while we run errands (or sip coffee)

– Pre-ordering meals for pick-up or delivery if we don’t have time to do it ourselves (great for new moms!)

– Attending one of their monthly Date Nights for us and our significant other (wine included)

Recently, we  had an opportunity to enjoy a session at the Forest Hill SupperWorks location. While we prepared a few meals each we were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. The atmosphere was relaxing while at the same time quite social. There were friends gabbing as they stirred; couples flirting as they passed the chicken; and lots of helpful, smiling faces from the SupperWorks team guiding us along the way.

Whether you’re looking for quality time with your spouse, a fast solution to a time crunched schedule, or a fun way to spend time with friends and the kids, SupperWorks provides fun, family friendly solutions to the age old question: “What’s for dinner?”


497 Eglinton Ave West

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