How to Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter

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Canadian winters, and especially this one, can be downright ruthless, putting both your mind and body to the test. While we all like to think of ourselves as winter warriors (remember #WeAreWinter?), sometimes our immune systems start to crack under pressure. Protect your family from the cold and flu this winter by recognizing the tell-tale signs, taking preventative measures, and being sensible if you do get sick.

Think you might be on the verge of something you would rather avoid? These symptoms are signs that you might be losing the battle to a cold: cough, sore throat (or worse a nighttime “tickle”), congestion and / or runny nose. The flu has many of the same symptoms, but also includes aches and pains, fever, chills, and extreme fatigue. (Although extremely fatigue is also a symptom of parenthood!)


Prevention – follow these simple tips and you might be able to avoid what’s going around:

  • Sleep – Everyone needs a good night’s sleep; proper shut-eye allows your body to rest and keeps your immune system strong. (Well, it may not be possible for us parents, but we had to remind you anyway!)
  • Exercise – With a busy routine, maintaining an exercise schedule can feel like a chore, but regular exercise is an easy way to keep your body strong, helping your immune system fight off illnesses such as a cold or flu.1 There are so many online exercise options these days, that you can even have a work out in your own home.
  • Wash your hands – Your best protection from the common cold and flu is frequent hand washing. (We are not big fans of hand sanitizer, but when there’s a nasty bug going around, it may come in handy!)
  • Multivitamins – Some doctors say that multivitamins can help maintain good health. Of course it’s easier to take if they actually taste good, so try Vitafusion™ MultiVites™, adult gummy vitamins (yes, gummies for big kids!) that contain the essential vitamins you need. For the kids, try L’il Critters™ GummyVites™. Kids love the flavour so much that if you forget to give them their vitamins, they’ll remind you!


Treatment – Weren’t able to avoid those nasty Canadian cold and flu bugs? Here are some tips to help get you back on your feet:

  • Sleep: Is there an echo in here? Sleep is essential to both prevention and treatment – go to bed!
  • Exercise: Just as much of a preventative measure as it is a solution; don’t let sore muscles and joints stop you from being active. Exercising will help your body fight the cold, improve your mood, boost your energy and help you sleep2 , a win-win situation. If you are feeling really sore, bring out the triple threat – RUB A535® Triple Action Cream cools, warms and soothes to keep you going.
  • Drink Fluids: Just like your parents always said, drink lots of hot liquids to soothe your throat, thin your mucus and put you on the road to recovery.
  • Vitamin C: Want to up your vitamin C but lacking time to peel 10 tangerines? Try Vitafusion™ Power C™ adult gummy vitamins. Delicious orange flavour and yummy gummy texture will make remembering to take them the easiest thing you do today.
  • Treatment: With ingredients like ginger and willow bark, Gravol’s® Natural Source Multi Symptom will help you kick that cold to the curb. This all-in-one pain, fever and nausea reliever won’t leave you feeling drowsy either, because we all know you’ve got a million things to do.

Take care of yourself fellow Canadians because that winter is not showing signs of giving up!


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