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Did you know that babies can’t see you if you’re more than a foot away? It’s true – birth is a major step in the development of the body, but they’ve still got a long ways to go before their vision has finished developing.

Eyesight is one of those things that never really stops changing. There’s constant change throughout childhood and adolescence, a brief pause when people reach adulthood, then ongoing changes throughout the rest of an individual’s life. That’s why it’s so important for the whole family to receive proper vision care – however young or old you are, maintaining your eyesight will help ensure a higher quality of life.

What you can do

The eyes are connected to the rest of your body, and chances are that living a healthy lifestyle will help protect your vision and minimize (or even eliminate) many of the negative effects of aging. Yes, this is true even for babies; especially for babies, really, since their eyes haven’t actually finished developing.

It’s also important to eat well and get the nutrition you need. The vitamins and minerals you need change as you age, and you literally are what you eat. Without the right nutrients, your body can’t do what it needs to do.

Fortunately, being healthy is something that your whole family can do together. Whether you’re going out for walks together, playing sports, or making meals in the kitchen, doing things together is one of the best ways to promote visual health.

It’s best to get an eye exam every two years or so, or every year if you’re part of an at-risk group, such as people of certain ethnicities, those who’ve had eye injuries in the past, or anyone with a family history of eye disease.

For now, take a closer look at what proper eye care looks like for every member of your family using this super helpful infographic.


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