Most Popular Summer Birthday Party Trends for Kids in 2019

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If we know one thing about kids, it’s that they love to be one with the latest trends. In the past, that meant fidget spinners, Silly Bandz, and all the kid-focused blockbuster movies. We’ve rounded up all the best birthday party ideas for this year’s most popular trends and movies, plus those sure to hit it big in the summer.


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Oh, the allure of magical unicorns is still very, very powerful. Good news – there are plenty of props and accessories to help out! Why not make a unicorn photo booth, complete with unicorn onesies, clip-on horn-hats, pastel pom-poms to add some volume to their manes – you get the idea! For loot bags, there are plenty of unicorn-themed options from Toronto’s Lolliloot, from hair slides to stickers and bags, but we really love the Unicorn Wonderball – a next-level pass-the-parcel in the shape of a unicorn with lots of layers to unwrap plenty of wee gifts inside.


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Baby Shark

We’re quite sure that a number of young ones will be clamouring for a Baby Shark party. Plan lots of time for partygoers to break into groups, perfect their dance moves, and perform for each other. And then, it can be time for shark cupcakes, Goldfish crackers for a crunchy snack, and plenty of nautical decorations.


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Ombre Pastels

Ombre pastels are such a hit with our daughter and her friends that we know she’d love that to be her party trend. Pretty pastel macarons make for a lovely-looking and delicious sweet treat, and milk paint crafts yield some lovely effects. If you’re feeling brave, pastel slime is also sure to be a hit.


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Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand – sand mixed with a bit of silicone oil, so you can sculpt and mould with no water, no crumbling, and no mess — is a craze that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Pick up some larger packs in a variety of colours, have plenty of small sand toys on hand, and host a multi-coloured sand sculpting extravaganza! Beach tunes, summer snacks, and encouraging the guests to dress in beachwear increases the fun. If you prefer a party that doesn’t take place at home, but with some artistic pursuits, consider playing with clay at Wanda’s Creative Clay.


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Secret Life of Pets 2

They loved the first movie, and are sure to adore the sequel. Make the next party animal-themed, from invitations to the loot bags. Invite guests to bring their favourite stuffed animal along for the fun. Have guests create forts and homes for their stuffies from pillows, boxes and blankets. Create magical pet food with hole-punched paper in a variety of textures and colours, And for loot bags, give out wee stuffed animals as a new pet for the family, complete with pet “snacks” – an assortment of Skittles, Smarties, pretzels, and other delicious goodies in a small mason jar.


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Dora the Explorer Live Action

We’re secretly looking forward to the Dora and the Lost City of Gold live-action film scheduled for August – we’ve always had a soft spot for Dora and Diego and the film seems similar to another favourite: Jumanji! Make it a Dora the Explorer theme with an epic, team-based scavenger hunt, some fun-but-safe obstacle courses, and lots of props. Have the kids make their own maps of made-up countries, and pin the tail on Boots the monkey.


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Buy mass quantities of Orbeez, bizarre little polymer-based seeds, and you’ll be all set for party fun. Kids like to place them in water balloons, soak them in bowls of water and watch as they grow in size, fill a bin with them and submerge hands for the ultimate sensory experience. You can even crush them to create designs. They’re the perfect activity, loot bag item, and/or decor for a rainbow party.


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Llamas, Sloths, Wonky Donkeys

Are llamas the new “it” animal? Or perhaps your little one prefers sloths? Then again, donkeys from the smash hit book Wonky Donkey are also a new favourite. Kids could act out their favourite scene from the book or one of our favourite llama books (and Netflix TV show), Llama Llama. Kids can draw their favourite animal, and then break open a llama piñata. Check out adorable llama and sloth swag from Natural Life for loot bags or as a “pass-the-parcel” item.


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Enchanted Forest

This theme is still very popular, from décor to activities. Consider floral or greenery garlands as bountiful decorations everywhere, making for magical photos. Adorn the cake or cupcakes with woodland creatures galore. Guests can make fairy houses from natural found materials (or some purchased moss, rocks and sticks – find them at the Dollar Store). Read or act out some fairy tales, or take a short hike on a forest trail if there is one close by.

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  • Sofia Norton

    Great list of ideas for having a birthday party. I have been searching for unique ways for my own niece. Thank you for sharing. The Ombre Pastels and Kinetic Sand are two of my favorites.