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Tutoring is a great solution for so many different reasons. Even if your child is doing well in class, tutoring goes beyond strengthen subject comprehension. It also boosts your child’s confidence in their abilities and helps to build important learning skills. Tutoring can help children who are struggling with their studies, as well as kids who aren’t being challenged in school.

We’ve rounded up our favourite tutoring and after-school help for different situations. Read on to find a tutoring service that’s the best fit for your child.

Individualized Learning

If you are wary of cookie-cutter tutoring programs that work for “most” kids, consider a company that is committed to personalized tutoring. TeachRequest, for example, creates a customized learning plan for each child based on skills, needs, and preferences; does only face-to-face, one-on-one tutoring; and guarantees a good match between student and tutor. A bonus: all tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers.

Kids With Special Needs

When a child has a learning disability or they are differently-abled, sometimes they will not receive adequate support in school for their needs. That’s where Optimal Academics can help.

Founded by a mother of three and a former teacher, Optimal Academics provides in-home tutoring services to students with learning disabilities and other specific learning needs. They work within the subject areas of Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Test Taking and Study Skills, and Organizational Skills.

They create a personalized academic plan and have one-on-one tutoring that is created to suit your child’s needs. They aim to help every child reach their highest potential while helping your child learn how to navigate learning and studying using their strengths.

Gifted Kids

Oftentimes, gifted kids need extra support to ensure they are reaching their full potential. We’ve all heard about the kid who acts out in class simply because they are bored with the work they’re given. Brain Power has been providing one-of-a-kind, high-quality enrichment programs for bright and gifted students for over two decades.

At Brain Power, the goal is to nourish the minds of gifted students by creating curriculums at a pace, depth, and breadth that matches each child’s abilities and passions. They offer courses in Math & Problem Solving, Public Speaking/Classical Rhetoric, English Language Arts, Robotics & Coding, Entrance Exam Prep.

Math Help

If you are like me and your kids’ math homework scares you more than your never-ending pile of laundry, getting a math tutor is the perfect solution for you and your little one. Math is just one of those subjects that a lot of kids have difficulties. But as the experts at The Math Guru point out, anyone can be a math genius—all that’s needed is for it to be taught in a manner specific to each individual’s needs.

Using a holistic approach to math, the tutors at The Math Guru focus on transforming attitude, motivation, work ethic, and grades. They also work with your child on time management, confidence, and anxiety, issues they have found make a huge difference in their clients.

They cover every type of math and science taught from kindergarten through Grade 12, meaning their your one-stop-shop for all things math and science-related.

French Tutoring

Learning another language is such an amazing skill and starting your child early is a great way to give them a leg up. If your little one is falling behind in french class, hiring a private tutor or registering them in an after-school French class can give them the leg up they need.

We love the French Tutoring Centre. They aim to prepare children to become successful bilingual individuals and instil in them personal and cultural enrichment. Every teacher at the French Tutoring Centre holds a degree in French Education with practical experience in teaching French as a Second Language, meaning you can be confident that your child will have a skilled tutor.

Because they offer 1-on-1 tutoring, as well as small group tutoring, you can choose what works best for your child and your budget. And if getting to and from their office is not an option for you, their tutors can come to you, or your tutoring can take place online.

English/Reading Help

It can be a bit of a shock when you realize that your little one is struggling with English and reading. It’s their native language, so how could they be falling behind? The reality is that language is a complex subject with a lot of intricate lessons to be learned. Every child learns differently and has unique needs when it comes to learning. These needs aren’t always translated into the classroom.

Tutor Bright offers an excellent English tutoring program. They offer tutoring that focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, and writing. And they cater to all levels of education, all the way up to Grade 12.

Group Classes

A study in 2011 found that students who engage in group work or other cooperative learning situations show increased individual achievement when compared to students who worked solo.

If this is true of your child, it’s important to find them a tutor where they can work in small groups. Tutoring works best when it is catered to your child’s unique learning needs. And the reality is that some kids learn better when they are in a group.

If you’re looking for a group tutor Oxford Learning is a great choice. Their programs run with three students to one teacher, a ratio that allows for one-on-one instruction while still keeping your little one in a group setting.

Oxford Learning covers all the main subjects—math, science, English, French—as well as some additional subjects that might be a perfect fit your child—SAT prep, homework help, study skill, enrichment and more.

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