Toronto’s Most Affordable Elementary Private Schools


Are you considering sending your child to a private school but are concerned about the costs? Many private elementary schools in Toronto offer affordable tuition. Remember, many private schools offer financial assistance that may make them cost-competitive with the schools listed here. And some of the schools listed here may also offer financial assistance, making them even more affordable.

When you are conducting our cost-comparisons, it’s also important to be aware of what is included in tuition fees and what is not included—there may be additional fees to be considered such as registration and initiation fees, excursions, and extracurriculars. Remember that prices will increase as grades increase. So if you are registering a first-grader, keep in mind that as they move through the grades, tuition will increase.

It’s important to look at the cost of tuition from grade 1 through 6 to be sure you can cover the full cost.

So let’s take a look at some of the most affordable elementary private schools in Toronto—every school on this list has tuition for less than $15,000/year from kindergarten to grade 6.

Olivet School

A Christian school in Etobicoke, Olivet School offers kids a safe and supportive learning environment, with personalized attention that puts your child first. They maintain small class sizes and focus on creating a warm, caring environment for their students. Tuition is $11,400 and does not include uniforms, lunches, field trips, and after school programs.

Ellington Montessori

Ellington Montessori is dedicated to the development of the whole child—social, academic, and physical. This school provides an environment which is conducive to learning, builds confidence and self-esteem, and offers a wide variety of experiences to broaden the mind and body. Tuition is $12,750 for grades 1 to 8 and does not include uniforms, co-curricular programs, field trips, and extended care.

German International School Toronto (GIST)

If you are looking to introduce a new language to your child, the GIST combines the Ontario Curriculum with an accelerated and competency-based German curriculum. Tuition for local families is $9,250 for kindergarten and $14,250 for grades 1 to 8 and does not include after school care. They also offer tuition assistance up to 50% based on the financial need of the student.

The Laurel School

With a focus on individual achievement and academic excellence, The Laurel School offers a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that is supportive and celebrates each student’s uniqueness. Tuition for kindergarten is $13,800 and $14,800 for grades 1 to 3 and does not include the application fee, materials fee ($350-$00 per year), and before and after school programs.

Seneca Hill

Seneca Hill focuses on developing in students the tools, skills, knowledge, experiences and frame of mind to emerge as confident leaders in a globalized world. Tuition is $11,635 for all grades and does not include an annual registration fee ($250), technology fee ($150 for grades 7+), ancillary fees (this ranges from $750-$950), and after school programs. They also offer sibling discounts—10% off the second child and 20% off the third child.

Cornerstone Montessori Prep School

Offering a faith-based education, Cornerstone Montessori Prep School provides students with a strong, positive, and supportive environment where they know they are respected and loved. Tuition for grades 1 to 12 is $13,750 and does not include the hot lunch program, administration and workshop fees, and activities and club.

North Toronto Christian School

North Toronto Christian School is a co-educational, interdenominational Christian elementary and high school—NTCS isn’t affiliated with a specific church or denomination but instead provides a sound academic education integrated with a Christian view of God and the world. Tuition for grades 1 to 6 is $10,752 and does not include school and gym uniforms (approximately $450), and registration fees.

Here are a few more options that are just over $15,000/year for tuition.

De La Salle College “Oaklands”

With an outstanding tradition of academic excellence, De La Salle College also focuses on building a strong community through Christian action and community service programs. Tuition is $15,325 for grades 5 to 12 and there are scholarships, bursaries, and financial assistance available for qualifying students.

Humberside Montessori School

Humberside Montessori School follows the educational philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori. They are committed to the acknowledgement and the support of the wholesome growth and development of all aspects of the human personality during the formative years of childhood. Tuition is $15,100 for kindergarten to grade 6 and $16,600 for grades 7 to 8 and does not include the hot meal and snack plan, before and after school care, and home school bus services.

Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Arts & Science

The Leonardo Da Vinci Academy promotes the development of independent thinking skills and helps students realize their full potential. They have a rich extra-curricular program with different clubs, sports, and out-of-class activities. Tuition is $16,600 for grades 1 to 8.

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