About Tutoring & Enrichment in King

Does your child need academic help? Are you looking to give your kids an edge in the classroom? It might be time to hire a tutor or sign up for an enrichment program.

Most children can benefit from tutoring at one time or another. Tutors are available in many subject areas and can offer one-on-one private sessions or group sessions. They may travel to you for in-home tutoring, meet you at a public space like a local library, or operate out of their own, staffed academic centre.

When selecting a tutor, be sure to ask about meeting the tutor to be sure your child is comfortable with them and find out about their credentials. Some tutoring companies hire only certified teachers, others hire graduate students or practitioners who specialize in a particular subject area.

Enrichment programs are designed to provide enhanced learning, often for high academic achievers, kids who are super-interested in a specific subject or want to learn a new language or children who show signs of being gifted. These programs cover anything from math and science to Mandarin and public speaking.

Many tutoring and enrichment centres also offer test preparation (EQAO, SAT, AP, TOEFL) and remedial programs.

Find local tutors or enrichment programs near you.

The Math Guru

This provider is both online and in-person.


This provider is both online and in-person.

Rosalin Krieger

This provider comes to you.


This provider comes to you.

Qualified Tutors Inc.

GTA, Surrounding Areas & Peel Region, Toronto

The Teenage Tutors

This provider comes to you.

Teachers To Go

This provider is online-only.