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2541A Yonge Street, Unit 3, Toronto, ON, Canada
Cost: Paid Platform: Online and In-Person

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Online Tutoring

All Math Guru tutoring sessions, classes, and programs can be taken online using video conferencing via Zoom, digital whiteboards, face-to-face interaction, and screen sharing so that both tutor and student can see what one another are working on and can share resources and materials in real-time.

About The Math Guru

The Math Guru is a super-cool boutique math and science tutoring studio in Toronto where tutors know how to inspire students, boost confidence, and get results!

TMG tutors know that acing math and science is not only about mastering content, but about gaining confidence and developing test-taking strategies. They specialize in all math tutoring and science tutoring. Tutors are familiar with the Ontario curriculum, love math and science, and have a passion for teaching.

The Math Guru tutors don’t just help students get better grades—they inspire them to want to. Come chill out in a relaxed environment, have a cup of tea, and finally truly understand math and science on your own terms with a tutor you love!

Tutoring Options

In addition to private, one-on-one tutoring, the Math Guru has:

  • group tutoring
  • back-to-school boot camps
  • study and exam parties
  • workshops on specific topics like overcoming math anxiety and exam strategies.

All tutoring takes place at the Math Guru’s cool Yonge and Eglinton area studio.

Tutoring Subject Areas

The Math Guru tutors know math inside and out, but that’s not all. Subject areas include:

  • math — all disciplines
  • science — all disciplines
  • standardized test prep (including SAT, ACT, SSAT)
  • homework help
  • confidence boosting
  • educational anxiety management

Tutoring is available for all ages and grade levels.

About the Tutors

At The Math Guru, your child will be matched with a tutor that’s perfect for them. The Math Guru tutors are teachers, university students, practitioners, and professional tutors with degrees (or pursuing degrees) in neuroscience, engineering, molecular biology, physics, mathematics, economics, computer science, and more.

Tutors are not all certified teachers, by design. Founder Vanessa Vakharia says, “We don’t think a teaching degree is what defines a good teacher. It takes much more than a formal education to make a teacher awesome!” Instead, tutors are carefully selected because they love teaching and understand what it’s like to struggle with concepts in their area of expertise.



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