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This provider is both online and in-person.
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Antonia Simone is a Toronto-based coach who works with children individually or in groups to help them succeed in school and set them up for success in life. Programs, seminars, and one-on-one coaching in school success/tutoring, anxiety management, and ADHD management. Coaching for parents is also available.

From the Business:

Success at school (and in life) depends much more on strong social/emotional skills (emotional intelligence) than on academics. As a teacher, I saw this fact played out daily in every class. Organized, motivated, focused students fare much better overall than the bright but EQ-challenged ones.

Set your child up for success by developing those key skills that make all the difference: executive function, motivation, persistence, resilience, focus. Help your child break free from the paralyzing grip of anxiety and move forward with self-confidence.