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Kids have a great opportunity this summer to take part in camps that may not have worked for them, location-wise, without the option of virtual participation. With educational camps, children can learn a new language, improve their word power, or travel around the world in the next couple of months. What a great (and fun!) way to prepare for school in Fall after this truncated school year.

All fees are in Canadian dollars unless noted otherwise.

Crania Summer Online Programs

Check out the Math or Coding Club, and learn problem-solving, digital technology, and creative skills to keep a child’s mind active during the summer months.

Ages: Grades 1–8
Cost: $149 (Math) or $99 (Coding) /4 weeks
Hours: 1½-hour class/week (Math) or 1-hour class/week (Coding)

Debate Camp

Debate camp can help children to develop critical thinking, advocacy, and the ability to listen to alternate points of view. Choose between Public Speaking/Debate, Multi-Style Debate, or Model United Nations.

Ages: Grades 4–10
Cost: $367/week (Model UN add-on $64)
Hours: 3-hour daily sessions

E-Around the World in 5 Days Camp

At this camp from Explorer Hop, kids can travel around the world learning about different cultures, with art, music, history, geography, and sports activities, and find out all about globalization.

Ages: 6–9
Cost: $200/week
Hours: 3-hour daily sessions

E-Kid Entrepreneurs Camp

Calling all young future business owners! A stress-free approach to turning innovations into viable business ideas will help develop the knowledge these young entrepreneurs need to be successful.

Ages: 6–9
Cost: $200/week
Hours: 3-hour daily sessions

Experience Innovation @ UTS

Lab techniques, neuroscience study, debate, photography, global health advocacy, learning skills development, civic education and more are taught at this University of Toronto Schools camp.

Ages: Grades 5–12
Cost: $250/week (Bright Lights in the Lab is $300/week)
Hours: 4-hour daily classes (Bright Lights in the Lab is 5 hours/day)

Magic Languages Free Language Classes

Here’s a great opportunity to learn French or Spanish for free. Simply register for free classes, supplemented by printable activities, reading, and games.

Ages: All ages
Cost: Free!
Hours: 20-minute weekly sessions

MapleShine Education Programs

Kids can work on their Mandarin, French, or soon-too-be Spanish with a Language Exchange Partner, or be taught Mandarin from a tutor, one-on-one.

Ages: 7–16 (under 7 is accepted for Mandarin lessons)
Cost: $399/4 weeks (Mandarin); Language Exchange is free
Hours: 3 classes/week (Mandarin), Language Exchange is weekly or bi-weekly

Oxford Scholastica Academy Summer School

Older kids have the advantage of joining children from around the world in taking part online in the “Oxford experience” and learning more about business or technology.

Ages: 12–14
Cost: £995/2 weeks
Hours: 2-hour daily classes

Power of Words Camp

Creative Writing and Debate are the foci of this online summer camp, with a maximum of 12 students per class. Campers will learn to generate and organize ideas, revise and edit their writing, or become comfortable speaking before a crowd.

Ages: Grades 2–8
Cost: $400/2 weeks
Hours: 2½-hour daily classes

Ruth Rumack’s Camp

Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space offers Choose Your Own Adventure day camps, with time for written expression, keyboarding, drama, a book club, and more.

Ages: Grades 3–6
Cost: Prices vary
Hours: 10 am–4 pm (choose any or all of the hourly activities)

Camp Tournesol French Camps

Camp Tournesol takes their popular French camps online, with board games, book club, singalongs, bingo, and arts and crafts all assisting with French comprehension.

Ages: 4–12
Cost: $155/week
Hours: 2½-hour daily sessions

Virtual Fun French Camps

Visiting France from the comfort of their own home, kids will immerse themselves in French books and songs, learn and create with arts and crafts, and take part in educational “road trip games” in these small, six-person classes from this Swiss language-learning organization.

Ages: 6–17
Cost: $330 CHF/week (approx. C$474)
Hours: 2½-hour daily classes

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