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School’s out, but with many in-person camps cancelled this summer (some camps will still operate, but spots are limited), kids will need diversions beyond raiding the cupboards for snacks and using the living room as a jungle gym.

These STEM camps will keep kids socializing with their peers this summer while getting hands-on with key math, science, and coding concepts presented in engaging ways through LEGO, video game design, and even making ice cream!

All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.

Artech Camps Canada

Roblox, Minecraft, animation, video game design, and Scratch coding are some of the fun camp themes you can try at Artech STEAM camps that combine art and technology.

Ages: 7–17
Cost: $135–$150/week
Hours: 3-hour daily sessions

Daniels Summer Academy

Toronto’s Daniels Summer Academy is offering two virtual camps, in Minecraft planning of levels, worlds, and environments, and complex Digital Design. Camps will focus on collaboration, problem-solving, and the fundamentals of design and architecture.

Ages: 8–14
Cost: $300/week
Hours: 9 am–4 pm

Explorer Hop

Kids can learn amazing science facts and conduct online experiments at ExplorerHop’s e-Crazy Science Summer Camp. They will learn things like how to make a lava lamp and how to make ice cream.

Ages: 6–9
Cost: $200/week
Hours: 2-hour daily sessions

iD Tech

Kids can become a Minecraft World Designer, Roblox Editor, make their own YouTube Channel, learn Javascript or Python coding, and more in these camps. Each session is limited to 5 students.

Ages: 7–19
Cost: US$399/week with code TOGETHER
Hours: 2 hours/day


Kidzwhiz campers can learn to code with Python or Scratch, and iPad or PC game development, as they create, think, problem-solve, and have fun.

Ages: 6–12
Cost: $150/week
Hours: 2-hour daily sessions.

Mad Science

Mad Science will deliver the materials you need to perform hands-on science experiments, discover forensic science, explore different environments, and find out more about bugs, your body, space, and our world.

Ages: 4–12
Cost: $160/week
Hours: 2-hour daily sessions

Mayfair Clubs

Mayfair Clubs has partnered with Logics Academy to offer STEM camps where kids will learn to code and create games, puzzles and stories that they will illustrate.

Ages: Grades 7–14
Cost: $175/8 days (two 4-day weeks)
Hours: 1-hour daily sessions

Medics Camp

Children have a chance to be a doctor for a week as they learn more about the world of health in weekly themed sessions that delve into the workings of the brain, first aid, and pet well-being, look at germs, diseases, and DNA, explore the senses, and so much more.

Ages: 4–12
Cost: $99/half day week or $175/full day week
Hours: 10 am–noon or 10 am–3 pm

Science North

With this Summer Science @ Home program, kids get the chance to build, create, and experiment with simple household items to make fun things like hovercrafts, catapults, and secret codes with invisible ink.

Ages: 7–12
Cost: $100/week
Hours: 1-hour daily sessions

Snapology North York

Attention, LEGO lovers! Snapology’s brick-building summer camps focus on Minecraft, superheroes, Pokémon, Star Wars, Brick City building, and more.

Ages: 4–14
Cost: $125/week
Hours: 1- to 3-hour daily sessions (weekly classes also available)


Children learn coding fundamentals, engineering principles, and real-life problem-solving as they build multiple projects in the Code-it Hacks summer camp. Every Friday, an industry specialist leader will lead a special lesson.

Ages: 7–14
Cost: $150/week
Hours: 2-hour daily classes


Preteens and teens can learn game design and web development, robotics and mechatronics, 3D architecture, graphic and animation design, computer programming, and more in this personalized, collaborative camp.

Ages: 12–18
Cost: $299/week or $999/4 weeks
Hours: 2-hour daily sessions

Zebra Robotics

App development, web design, robotics, game development, and coding are just some of the options for summer camp through this Mississauga company.

Ages: Grades 2–12
Cost: $160–$190/week
Hours: 90-minute daily sessions

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