One Gift Card. Endless Choices…Yay!


We moms have to endure many a bad gift over the course of motherhood.

We do it with aplomb, as though we’re accepting an academy award. We sweetly smile and plant a kiss on the gift-giver’s cheek. We keep the gift out and proudly display it at work or home…or we wear it, despite the looks we may endure. It seems moms are the human version of the Island of Misfit Gifts; and yet we endure. We continue to smile at every gift occasion. After all, it’s part of being a mom.

And before you lecture us, we do know that it’s all about the thought when someone — anyone — gives us a gift. And we love those thoughts…really we do. But how many bad sweaters, handmade lopsided coffee cups and over-perfumed soaps can one mom receive in a lifetime?

Quite a lot apparently. Which is why we’re always happy to hear about a gift-giving business that will ensure we get something we want, with little effort on the part of our wee gift givers (or the hubs who often does the shopping for them).

Unlike traditional gift cards for merchandise, GiveLuv Gift Cards are redeemable for a variety of services (from massage or dog walking to home cleaning services or at-home meals).

GiveLuv Gift Cards start at $50 (with no transaction fees), are purchased online, and are sent virtually or can be printed and mailed. Gifts can be redeemed through the website or over the phone. Gift services are currently available across Canada: Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton), British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia (Halifax), Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa), PEI, Quebec (Montreal) and Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon).

Does this signal the end of macaroni picture frames…? We hope not, but it would be just fine with us if there was a Give Luv Gift Card tucked into that slaved over frame….just this once.

Don’t miss out on our contest to win $200 worth of Give Luv Gift Cards!


GiveLuv Gift Cards
Vimeo – The Power of LUV!

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