Ice Cream That Makes Us Scream With Joy

Since finding this ice cream place our kids have been screaming (quietly) for ice cream with catchy flavours like Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter, Bordeaux Cherry, and Brownie Toffee Crunch.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…you guessed it: ice cream!

Even during the dead-cold days of winter, ice cream is something our kids crave, and admittedly we do too  (and they do actually scream for it sometimes, much to our disdain).

That’s why we may have been spotted lately; driving around town, with kids singing (screaming) in the back seat, scouring the city for ice cream joints. These expeditions are partly to stop the screaming and partly to quench the desire for some of that creamy, icy deliciousness.

During one of those frantic pilgrimages, we found The Big Chill; a retro ice cream parlour with checkered floors, marble counters, a 1970’s neon sign to light your way, and a tiny — and quite kitschy —  interior. They have been open for over a decade (how did we not find them sooner?!) and have some of the best ice cream we’ve tried. They are also available for birthday parties and corporate events and apparently they are also known in the ‘hood for hosting occasional concerts when the patio is open in the warmer months.

With over 30 flavours of ice cream to pick from and more than 20 different toppings, there are hundreds of possible combinations to satisfy our familial sweet tooth. Their amazingly helpful staff members are happy and eager to make recommendations, but they also encouraged all of us to experiment with combinations and mix it up in order to find the flavour combination that was right for us.

Since discovering The Big Chill with our kidlets, their mouths will be too full of delicious ice cream for them to scream anymore.

The Big Chill
566 College Street
(416) 960-2455 
Twitter: @bigchilltoronto

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