8 Fun Ideas To Keep Kids Learning During Summer Break

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Summer break signals the retirement of knapsacks, calculators and other school supplies for another season.

Fully enjoying the summer while the sun shining is no doubt important. But you might also be looking for some ways to keep kids engaged in reading and learning during their two-month break from the classroom.

Here are some learning activities that are both fun and easy to fit into busy summer plans—and will ensure that your child is ready when classes resume in September.

Start a Journal

Journals are a great tool to develop writing skills. Encourage your child to write about things they enjoy such as summer adventures, camp experiences and family trips.

Send Postcards, e-Cards and e-Mails

A fun way to stay in touch with family and friends while practicing writing skills.

Read Something Every Day

Introduce a variety of materials into your child’s reading routine. Mix it up with non-fiction, fiction, magazines and catalogues. Discuss with your child what they have read to develop their comprehension and oral communication skills.

Play Games

Traditional board games or online versions such as Scrabble and Boggle are great tools for word formation and developing vocabulary.

Buy Resources at Dollar Stores

New is always exciting! Purchase inexpensive resources to use at home, such as flash cards, activity books, play dough, and magnetic letters.

Practice a Second Language

Practice a second language by reading books, listening to music, and watching television and movies with English subtitles. For a real treat, plan a family trip to a destination where your child can practice their new skills.

Use Educational Apps

Visit the iTunes store for a list of the most popular educational apps. At Teachers on Call, we have an archive of kids’ education apps we recommend in different subject areas.

Cook Together

What better way to practice fractions and measurements than baking delicious treats and family favourites? It’s a win-win!

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  • Zoe Campos

    I definitely agree with the part where you mentioned that I still want my children to learn even during their summer break. Still, I don’t want them to feel bored in our house and I really want them to experience something new that they’ve never had before. It might be better if I can register them in nearby summer camps for kids and see if they will find it great.