6 Virtual Loot Bags For Your Kid’s Online Birthday Party

Birthday Parties

If you’ve got a birthday coming up, and you’ve decided to host a virtual birthday party for your kid, there are a lot of elements and factors to consider. Will you use an online party company to help keep the kids entertained? Will you come up with some online activities the kids can enjoy together? Will you try to send out some kind of loot bag?

We’ve talked a lot about planning birthday virtual parties and how to host them, but what about loot bags. We all know that one of the best parts of a birthday party for a partygoer is leaving with a little goodie bag full of fun.

But COVID has added a new element to the equation, making us rethink how we “do” loot bags. When you’re hosting a virtual party, you need to use a little ingenuity to find ways to bring loot bags into the equation. We’re sharing 6 ways to share loot bags when you are having a virtual birthday party.

Gift Cards

There are a lot of great local and larger online stores that can deliver gift cards via email. From a local bookstore to something widely accessible like Amazon or Indigo, you can send a gift card in a small amount along with a thank you note and send it to their parent’s email after the party.

Party Snacks

Bring the party to their door with a delivery of some party food. Lots of local restaurants are still doing contactless delivery and you can plan the food around the party theme. This is a great way to bring the kids together while also making it easier on the parents! Be sure to look into delivery charges—depending on how many kids are invited to your virtual party, this could be an expensive option.

Online Game Credits

We think this might be the perfect loot bag for an online gaming party. Many popular online games have in-game purchases which you can purchase online and send via email. In Minecraft, you can purchase Minecoins, and Roblox has Robux that can be used for a variety of in-game upgrades. Fortnite has V Bucks which you can use in the game but they also give you the ability to send gifts to other players. So you can buy V Bucks and then send each party goer a new skin or accessory.

Printable Loot Bags

If you can ensure each kid has access to a printer, you can plan out a fun printable package to send to each kid. Best for younger kids, you can include colouring pages, simple word searches, mazes, and crafts with instructions. All Wrapped Up Events has even created a party package that comes with a virtual party entertainer and printable loot bags.

Loot Bags by Delivery

Thanks to some savvy businesses and services, there are a lot of great options for having loot bags delivered to the homes of your guests. If the cost of shipping individual loot bags to each person seems excessive, you can have loot bags delivered to you (or you can build them yourself) and drop them off to each child.

The Penny Paper Co. 

With lots of fun nostalgic candy options as well as some classic party favour options, The Penny Paper Co. has a great selection of items to build great loot bags they’ll deliver to your guests—and you can even customize them for each kid.

The Loot Bag Lady

With pre-designed loot bags for kids of all ages, The Loot Bag Lady is a great source for quick and easy party favours. They have delivery options to your guests as well as local pick-up if you are local to Ottawa.


A loot bag and an activity in one, Par-T-Pets will deliver a party in a box to your door including everything each guest needs to create their own 8 inch stuffed animal.

Glama Gal Spa 

These virtual parties come with everything you need to create a wide variety of activities and crafts that your child and their guests can participate in virtually. Individual Virtual Spa Party Kits are delivered to you and you are then responsible for getting them to your guests before the party starts!

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