Sports for Kids in Toronto and the GTA

Exciting indoor beach parties geared for children of all ages, fully supervised by high-energy activities directors. Kids love to play in this soft sand. Activities include dodgeball, beach soccer, beach volleyball, tug o’ war, relay races, treasure hunts, rock climbing, inflatables, and more.

Sports for Kids in Toronto and the GTA

Sports not only benefits kids’ overall health and fitness levels but also encourage camaraderie and team team building skills. Children of every age and ability can start sports lessons, or join a sports team. If your child happens to find a sport that he/she will love for a lifetime, that is even better!

There are hundreds of places for parents in Toronto to find kids sports programs. A few examples are: hockey and skating lessons for kids, children’s tennis lessons, golf for kids, soccer leagues for children, kids baseball leagues, gymnastics classes for kids, trampolining, horseback riding lessons, martial arts and great swimming classes for children!

Remember, the Government of Canada allows you to deduct up to $500 per child on your income tax form for fitness classes. It is called the fitness tax credit. You can find out more about this credit by talking to your accountant, or visiting the CRA website here.

Search here for sports programs for kids in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Oakville, and other cities in the GTA.

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