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Toronto French School, 306 Lawrence Ave. E., Toronto M4N 1T7
Holy Trinity School, 11300 Bayview Ave., Richmond Hill L4S 1L4
Glendon Athletic Club, 2275 Bayview Avenue, North York M4N 3M6
St. Joseph Morrow Park Secondary School, 3379 Bayview Ave., North York M2M 3S4
Pickering College, 16945 Bayview Ave., Newmarket L3Y 4X2
A.R.S. Armenian School, 45 Hallcrown Place, North York M2J 4Y4
Allenby Junior Public School, 391 St. Clements Ave., Toronto M5N 1M2
Rhenish Church, 2667 Burl Oak Ave, Markham L6B 1H8
Charles Howitt Public School, 30 Pearson Ave., Richmond Hill L4C 6T7
Delano Academy, 7015 Leslie St. Markham L3T 6L6
Sixteenth Avenue Public School, 400 Sixteenth Ave., Richmond Hill L4C 7A9
Glenview Senior Public School, 401 Rosewell Ave., Toronto M4R 2B5
Cost: Paid Platform: Online and In-Person

COVID-19 Updates

Online Classes

While schools and community centres are closed, TAC is offering online dance, soccer, and fitness classes for kids for $20–$30 per three-class session.

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About TAC Sports – Toronto Athletic Camps

TAC Sports: TAC Sports offers unique sports training for children ages 4–16. Students develop sport, leadership, confidence, and goal-setting skills in a fun and positive environment. All skill levels welcome. TAC specializes in tennis, soccer, basketball, dance, gymnastics, and much more!

At TAC Sports soccer and basketball academies, students looking for competitive league play practice three to four times a week and play games, which develops their skills in a dedicated and intense environment.

TAC Aquatics: TAC Aquatics offers its own swim school with lessons available year-round for all ages. All lessons are based on Red Cross program equivalents. First aid, CPR, and babysitting courses are also offered.

Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA): TAC’s sister educational company, LSA specializes in creating future leaders in our technological tomorrow. LSA specializes in Lego Robotics, Lego Architecture, 3-D Printing and Modeling, Creative Art Design, Leadership, Public Speaking, and Financial Literacy.

Opportunities for ages 13–16: TAC summer camps offer opportunities for 13- to 16-year-olds to maximize their skills and leadership potential through public speaking and fitness and strength-training programs.

Co-ed year-round camps, programs, and academies in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Markham. Ages 4–16 welcome.

Customize Your Own Summer Camps

Customize your own summer camp with sports, biking, robotics, and swimming.

Adventure Multi-Sport Camp (ages 4–5)

Students develop physical literacy through basketball, soccer, dance, mixed martial arts and tennis, as well as arts and crafts.

Choose Your Own Programming (ages 6–12)

Customize your week: mix and match activities to customize your own development!

The TAC Sports Advantage

  1. Broad age and gender focus.
    TAC camps are perfect for the whole family, offering options for both boys and girls ages 3½–16.
  2. 5-Star Development System.
    This easy-to-follow system provides a development map of 50+ essential skills for each of the sports and activities for children to progress towards. Students are also given awards on character-building traits such as sportsmanship, leadership, vocality, and passion.
    First day assessment: Students are assessed to identify their current skill level at each sport. TAC assesses strengths, weaknesses, and the next skills most beneficial for development.
    Goals: Children will set goals and intentions for the sessions and will be held accountable for improving and practice throughout the week.
    Progress Tracking and Certificates: Students are tracked on their progress throughout the week through student progress reports.
  3. Exciting camp experience. Camps focus on fun training and development, mixed with frequent gameplay, to create a varied and dynamic week of camp. Water and multi-sport games are thrown in the mix for additional fun!
  4. Life skills and confidence.
    TAC focuses on developing good habits, nurturing a positive sports mentality, and building great moral character and leadership.



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  • Sveta

    I signed my son up for the first outdoor soccer camp at the Cyrus Foundation location last summer, full day. We happened to experience a heat wave that week. I thought it was common sense that kids would be kept indoors during the heat wave but nonetheless, I explicitly asked the councilors whether there was air conditioning in the building and whether the kids were kept inside during the heat. I was assured that was the case. My son told me that instead that they were kept outdoors for most part of the day under the sun. Interestingly, the camp councilors changed between the morning and the afternoon but the kids were kept kicking ball. I didn’t believe my son but he got a sun stroke after a couple of days under the sun. I called the camp to tell them and I was asked not to bring him to camp for the remaining 2 days. So, the coronavirus didn’t catch my son but a sunstroke did. I was really furious and $200/day just went down the drain.

  • Noah

    A good camp with good coaches.