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562 McNicoll Avenue, North York, ON, Canada
Platform: In-Person Only

About Buckler Aquatics

Buckler Aquatics is a private swimming school that offers swimming lessons for infants, toddlers, children, and adults of all abilities. They’ve been in business for almost 50 years, and boast over 40 certified instructors.

Infant and Toddler Swimming Lessons

The ‘TAD’ program is an introduction to water for younger, toddler-age swimmers and in preparation for the Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program. The major components of this level which are breath retention and breathing control.

Red Cross Swim Kids Lessons

They also offer the Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program (through level 10), with an emphasis placed on stroke style, endurance and distance swimming, as well as the Lifesaving Society Canadian Swim Patrol and the Bronze Awards programs.

Classes are taught by one instructor and one junior instructor. Swimmers are evaluated continuously and progress at their own rate. Parents can watch through one-way viewing glass. Supervisor will provide lounge updates and are available for individual questions.

Special Needs Swimming Program

Buckler Aquatics’ proprietary methods are designed to allow swim students the personalized attention they need to develop their skills and techniques at their own pace. Thanks to small-group lessons and one-on-one instruction, they have the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of each client. This is most helpful for those who require any special needs assistance.

Swimming and Specialized Programs

  • TAD program: customized lessons for infants and toddlers
  • The Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program
  • Lifesaving Society Canadian Swim Patrol program
  • Bronze Awards program
  • Adult swimming instruction (available daytime and evenings)
  • Aqua-fit classes
  • Private lessons on a continuous or one-off basis
  • Additional pre-test water safety instruction for swimmers being tested for their next level
  • Special needs program for physically and mentally challenged swimmers (special needs series discount available)

They have three locations: Mississauga, North York and Scarborough.


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