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801 Lakeshore Blvd E, Toronto, ON, Canada

About Mayfair Clubs – Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore

Top-level fitness, tennis and squash facilities with a strong feeling of community. Mayfair aims to cultivate the ultimate member experience by providing first-rate amenities and service.

Friendly and experienced staff look to enhance the member experience whether you’re playing tennis, squash, enjoying our spa and wellness departments, working out at the gym, swimming, or relaxing in the Bistro.

For kids and families at Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore:

Child care: professionally staffed child care while you work out in the Mayfair Kidspace, with art classes and cooking classes for kids

Family events: family movie nights and parents’ date nights

Sports camps: Tennis Camp, Squash Camp, and Splash and Laugh Camp (swimming skills) for summer break, winter break, March break, and PA days.

Lessons and classes: basketball, tennis, karate, hip-hop, badminton, floor hockey

Multi-Gym: open gym periods with pick-and-choose games—dodgeball, pickleball, Ping-Pong, badminton, and more—for all ages

Birthday parties: fun sports party packages including soccer parties, ball hockey parties, multi-sport parties, tennis parties, squash parties, and pool parties; plus cooking parties, make-your-own parties, movie parties and spa, dress-up and tea parties!



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