Introducing Our Wee Beasts to Wild Animals

Our wee beasties love animals, so we’re sending them to a camp where they can spend the whole day indulging in the call of the wild.
Pawsitively Pets HYPE

Our wee beasts certainly love them some wee beasts.

We have some serious animal lovers at home. Our kids go ga-ga for anything on four legs, with a shell or that slithers or chirps.

And when it comes to camps (PD Days, holidays and summer programs) or parties (our location or theirs), we are always looking for one-of-a-kind experiences that are safe, engaging and welcoming to all participants. We hope there will be positive, educational and challenging, age-appropriate programming, and most importantly, they will have a totally fun experience.

Pawsitively Pets has an awesome camp experience and they are dedicated to making a day or week with them a memorable and fun experience (what is more fun for kids than playing with animals?). Their activity leaders coach campers in an interactive learning environment and their activities are age- and ability-specific. All activities are hands on, fun and creative, and are designed to boost self-confidence and self esteem.

We know our wee ones will love it — especially those of us who don’t have wee beasts (other than our kids) at home. It’s a chance for them to rub elbows (do frogs even have elbows?) with someone of their own species (or at least we think they’re the same species sometimes).

Don’t miss out on their upcoming PD Day camps on January 25 and February 15, their Family Day weekend programming and their March Break & Passover Camps.

Pawsitively Pets
Multiple locations in GTA (Toronto, Beaches, Ajax & Mississauga)
Toronto: 416-901-4776 |
Ottawa: 613-809-3075 |

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