Best Online French Language Learning Resources for Elementary Kids

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Are your kids in French Immersion, but you don’t speak a word of French? Or do they simply love counting to cinq and want to keep practicing their skills while school is out?

If you don’t speak French yourself, it can be difficult to find the right resources to help your kids continue on with their French studies. We’ve pulled together the best online resources to help your kids pratiquer le français while they are at home. Bonus: most of these resources are free and all are designed specifically for a school-aged audience.

Interactive Apps and Websites


This free app that levels up as you progress is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Their bite-sized lessons are not only effective, they are also perfect pacing for kids young minds interested.


A free online project, Hello-World‘s goal is to teach languages to children using fun and educational activities. From step-by-step lessons to logic puzzles and songs, there are over 700 French activities your kids can explore.

International Children’s Digital Library

When getting to the library is near impossible, the International Children’s Digital Library comes in handy. A collection of thousands of online children’s books in dozens of languages, they have nearly 60 books in French that you can read with your kids.

Parlons Français, C’est Facile

Parlons français, c’est facile is a great site that includes various learning modules with articles, web documentaries, games and web challenges. Start by taking a quick test to determine your child’s exact level and follow along with a course that fits their comprehension level.


Monde des Titounis

With lots of classic kid’s songs and stories to choose from, Monde des Titounis‘ interactive French videos are a great way to help your kids practice their French.

French Pod 101

This YouTube channel hosts short videos of vocabulary words and random phrases that are followed by short quizzes on each lesson. It’s presented by a native French speaker and a native English speaker, making it a great way to practice your French without feeling out of your depth.


A paid service, Muzzy helps kids learn French simply watching animated stories designed to teach kids a new language. Muzzy lets kids go at their own pace and works for all school-aged kids.

Online Classes & Tutoring

Camp Tournesol

Ontario’s largest French-language day camp provider is offering online classes to help kids continue to learn French while home from school. Kids will be reading, writing, laughing, playing, speaking and interacting every day… all in French!

eLearning French

These free French courses are an online adaptation of the FSI French basic course. Available for kindergarten to grade 11, there are beginner and intermediate courses available for each grade.

My French Club

Taking their popular in-person tutoring online, My French Club delivers the same great quality French education to kids online using the latest communication tools available such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

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