Best Online Math Resources for Elementary-Age Kids

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Below are some excellent online resources you can make use of during school closures. Many have also been recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education on its Learn At Home portal.

While some kids will relish consistency and a chance to return to learning, we are with the Saskatoon Teachers Association, which published on its Facebook page on March 17: “Arguing with the kids to do the work isn’t what we need right now… Don’t stress about them forgetting. Don’t stress about homeschooling. Just spend time together.”

So, with that in mind: if your kids are up for it, here are some great ways to keep the learning juices flowing.

(One tip: let kids pick and choose which subjects they focus on to keep the at-home learning fun and stress-free.)

Interactive Apps and Websites • preschool–Gr 5

This website offers more than 30,000 free learning resources through Grade 5, including printable worksheets, online games, and guided lessons. Everything is sorted by grade level and many subjects are available in addition to math.

Mathies • JK–Gr 12

This website is based on the Ontario curriculum. It includes games, learning tools, and activities in English and French, plus guides for parents on what your child is learning by grade level and how best to help them.

Prodigy • Gr 1–8

This free app used in the TDSB and many other school districts allows kids to gamify math. Battle by solving math problems, gathering rewards and pets along the way. The game adapts to kids’ abilities and parents can see progress reports and set goals.

IntoMath • Gr 5–9

This Canadian organization provides free, grade-specific targeted video lessons, printable worksheets, and math practice for students, including a special lesson on the Math of Covid-19 for grades 9 and up.

Fun Brain • all grades

Funbrain has been the leader in educational games for kids since 1997. This site offers hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Khan Academy • all grades

This comprehensive, free online resource breaks up learning by grade level, which makes it easy to find appropriate lessons. It offers science and coding, too, but not broken up by grade level. A Khan Academy Kids app for preschool–Grade 1.


TVOkids Mathematics • JK–Gr 3

The TVOkids Mathematics channel (JK–3) on YouTube has 5- to 30-minute videos and shows with math themes.

Kids Educational Games (YouTube) • JK–Gr 6

Started in 2014, this Youtube channel has 20+ videos covering everything from subtraction and addition to mean, medium, and mode.

Math Game Time • JK–Gr 7

Math Game Time’s free math videos incorporate both learning and fun. Some of these math videos feature actual math teachers providing step-by-step examples to help children solve problems. Other math videos incorporate songs, animation or favourite characters to help bring important concepts to life.

Kids Math Games • JK–Gr 8+

Learn online with a range of fun videos covering everything from algebra to fractions, counting, subtraction and shapes. These fun videos will keep kids entertained but will also improve their math skills.

Online Tutoring

First Tutors Canada • all grades

Think of First Tutors as an open marketplace to find an online math tutor for your child. They offer you the ability to choose based on the feedback and recommendations of their previous clients.

Math Guru • all grades

Math tutoring centre the Math Guru is offering online tutoring to kids all across Canada.

Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space • all grades

One-to-one online tutoring is designed to promote math fluency and lessons are customized to each student. Emphasis is placed on ensuring students fully understand each math concept before moving onto a new one.

School Success • all grades

School Success is a Quebec company dedicated to the academic success of elementary school, high school, and college students. Their tutors are available for online sessions anywhere in Canada.

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