The Importance of Music Instruction for Children


My experience in music and education over the past 20 years has taught me many things. Most importantly is the belief that nothing can replace the experience of music in a child’s life. Nothing can bring such easy joy and happiness than the simple pleasure of playing music in a band or ensemble.  


Music is a bonding experience as children learn how individual sounds become greater as a whole. Music shows children the importance of every little cog in the machine. Music teaches patience and cooperation. Each part of song fits in like a puzzle piece; all players performing their parts together create the synergy. Like a room full of clocks, eventually all the kids playing rhythm instruments will find a common pulse and click.   


Music expresses passion and builds character. The expression of a child through music is an easy measure of their state of mind. It helps relieve frustration … just bang a drum and see how you feel after 5 minutes. It’s meditative, you and your instrument – it can be simple or it can be complicated and it’s all up to you.


Did you know that the human brain is the only animal brain in the world hardwired to feel beat and pulse? We are meant to sing, drum, and dance. It is our responsibility to feed that area of the brain with knowledge and expose children to the possibility of making music a part of their lives. It’s inexpensive and accessible. Instruments are now made and distributed so widely that children can easily acquire the instrument of their desire. Learning can be done anywhere thanks to YouTube, where you can find online lessons and watch professionals in action.  


Music is a creative pursuit and pushes children to use the inner artist and create unique works of art. It’s freedom, as there are no wrong notes when improvising. You can keep music light as something you do on the side, or make it your living and work up the ladder to virtuoso or anything between.  


It’s fun. Children can make a band with their friends, write songs, perform concerts for family. It’s interactive – children love moving and motion is usually a big part of the musical experience. It’s rewarding – friends and family attend recitals, and the pictures and videos are happy reminders of the child’s achievement.  


Music builds confidence, as a child finds his capability with his instrument it is a skill that can never be taken away. Music brings a sense of accomplishment and every child can participate. Sadly, music is being cut from school curriculums year after year and is often just an afterthought in most of today’s schools.


Mystic Drumz has stepped in to provide an entry point or doorway to world music percussion children would never receive otherwise.  I’m so happy to be able to say we are influencing the next great percussionist, singer, dancer or performer through the shows we perform at hundreds of events each year.   Our next performance is Sunday September 29 at 11am and 1:30 pm at the Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Ave, Toronto.  Visit for details.

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