Our Interview With Raffi

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing children's singer, entertainer and advocate -- Raffi! He talked about Beluga Grads, Child Honouring and more.


How many times do people ask you to sing Baby Beluga? Because I kind of want to….

If the Centre For Child Honouring got a donation every time people said how much they love Baby Beluga, we’d be funded for a long time : )

(I’ll sing it for you.) There’s even a new verse: for “beluga grads”- the over 10 million adults between 18-38 knew the song as a child.


What kind of music do you listen to? 

An eclectic mix: classics, light jazz, R & B, folk, rock, reggae, some country.


Who/what are some of your musical influences growing up?

Wrote about this in The Life Of A Children’s Troubadour, my life story:

Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Lightfoot, Pete Seeger, Beatles…


Of all your songs, what is your favourite and why?

That’s like asking some who their favourite child is. Songwriters tend to be very fond of their latest stuff. Check out my recent songs for adults on www.childhonouring.org > Raffi > Motivational Songs


Do you have any children? If yes, how old are they now?

Didn’t feel the need to have my own kids. Have millions of “Beluga Grads” though. : )


What is a typical day for you? We’d like a glimpse into a “Day in the life of Raffi”?

Morning coffee, often with guitar. Laptop time, emails, social media. Yoga, stretch, or a walk. Then whatever the day brings-writing, office work, interviews, song creation, recording-not much routine, lots of variety, with time for exercise, reflection, connection.


Tell us more about Child Honouring? What made you start this particular charity?

Child Honouring is a holistic vision for respecting Earth & Child, for creating peacemaking sustainable societies. It’s a global movement to increase joy & reduce suffering.

I founded the Centre For Child Honouring in 2010 (on Salt Spring Island where I live) as a dynamic education & communication hub. Our mission is to advance Child Honouring as a universal ethic worldwide. Please visit www.childhonouring.org for more: there’s a lot to read, hear and watch.


Download the Covenant For Honouring Children, which expresses the heart of the vision.


What do you think is important in raising kids today?

Much has been learned about being nurturing parents, about a loving & respectful pedagogy. So the good news is that there are more & more parents who practice “conscious parenting,” a Child Honouring principle. That said, some are still overly permissive, while some are disrespectful of their kids.

What kids need and deserve is for us to create a culture of respect, one in which we respect them as whole people. Setting safe limits is as important as listening to kids and giving appropriate choices.

In direct marketing & advertising to the young, the corporate culture exploits kids innocence for profit. We need legislation to protect children, and we want the “ethical commerce” that assures sustainable societies.


Is there one message you’d like to leave for parents?

The power of your love for your children is a huge power for good in this world. For baby belugas and human babies. For Earth and Child.

Join with the Centre For Child Honouring to co-create a world fit for kids, and thus, a bright future for all. We’d appreciate your support.

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