Five Essential Items for Worry-Free Travel

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With summer well underway the one thing on many people’s minds is where they are going on their next vacation and what they need to pack to ensure the trip is a success. There are many things you can do before you leave to make sure that you are prepared, converting your currency, checking the weather, packing the right clothes etc. 
No matter where you are travelling this season, these five items are a must to ensure safe and stress-free traveling (and they’ll hardly weigh your suitcase down at all!). 

Travel Insurance: 
Because travel emergencies can happen anywhere and to anyone, it’s important to find the right insurance for your budget and needs. 

Check out the FAQ page from American Express Travel Insurance, where you can find answers to all the questions you might have about travel insurance.

Portable First Aid: 
Just as you’d bring prescriptions, band-aids and other standard medications on vacation, a mobile app that stores emergency contacts, allergies and personal identification (take a photo of your passport!) for your family or travel companions is a great addition. 

Currency Converter App:
Vacations are for relaxation, not stressing over exchange rates and local gratuity percentages. Calcuate all conversions with ease using a mobile app such as XE Currency or Globe Tipping

Universal Adaptor:
Using a camera or mobile phone abroad means you’ll be charging your device using foreign voltage and electrical sockets. A universal adaptor can help you stay connected (and keep your device from being destroyed) wherever you are. 

Whether discovering a new city by car or by foot, a GPS device can help avoid the stress that comes with getting lost in unfamiliar destinations. You can go with a handheld GPS unit, or simply use the map app on your smartphone.

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