Raffi Is Back with New Album Love Bug

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Beloved entertainer Raffi is back with the release his first children’s album in 12 years, Love Bug (Rounder, 2014).

This new, 16-track album will be nostalgic for many parents who listened to Raffi as a child. In an era with endless choices for children’s music I was reminded of what is unique about Raffi’s soothing sound. Compared with the many clamorous and repetitive kids’ songs with catchy earworms, Raffi’s style is calm and laid-back.

This is a great album to bring down the energy at the end of the day or on a car trip. And when kids are old enough to appreciate the melody and words they will be able to hear the lyrics and the message.

My daughter (22 months) started grooving as soon as the music was turned on and she was intrigued when she heard that love bugs are where the hugs come from!

The most upbeat of the songs on the album, “On Hockey Days,” a song about teamwork, will soon be a Canadian classic and I appreciate how both boys and girls are part of the action, playing smart and fair.

Raffi’s long history in environmental awareness and his Child Honouring world movement are clearly present in his new album: from wise water use in “Water In the Well” to enjoying personal and physical connections “In the Real World” and teaching emotional awareness in “Seeing the Heart”.

I would recommend Love Bug to all parents with young children, and I’m sure it will be a lasting album my child’s collection for many years.

Get a free download of the title track, “Love Bug”.


Love Bug is available for order from Amazon  and  iTunes.

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