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I was new to the Sonshine & Broccoli duo when I was asked to review their new album “It’s A Beautiful Day” (2015). I learned that this is their third album and they’ve been performing in the GTA for 10 years! I am always eager to support local talent and was excited to check them out.

This album is an eclectic mix of styles that will appeal to a range of tastes and ages, including parents! The upbeat songs take inspiration from 1980s-style pop all the way to bluegrass and introduces children to a wide range of musical influences. There are a few catchy pop songs like “Sing It Out” and I could imagine hearing “A Good Night” in a dance club—with a few lyrics changes.

I especially liked the lyrics of “You Got Me”, as they speak to the range of emotions we all feel, and I love songs that help teach children about how to talk about their own feelings. “Try Something New” is also an encouraging song about seizing the day.

The bluesy start of “The Painter” moves into a pop sound and introduces shapes and famous painters with its lyrics, encouraging creative outlets, while segments of “High Five” reminded me of my grunge days!

I loved the bluegrass sound of “Makin’ A Fort” and was little disappointed that there were not more songs on the album in this style. As a city mom with a city child I was happy to hear this genre and the references to outdoor adventures.

As for my three-year-old’s review of the album: While it takes her a little time to warm up to new music—she wants to hear her regulars…all the time!—after hearing this album around the house a few times she was asking for specific songs.

She really liked some melodies and lyrics, but wasn’t a fan of every tempo and style. They change quite a bit, and personally, I would love to hear a more cohesive showcase of the duo’s sound. Still, the beauty of this album is that there will be songs on it for every family member and each can find their own favourites.

Watch the acoustic patio version of “A Beautiful Day”:

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