Celebrity Mom Style Inspiration: Kate Hudson


Some celebs like to hide, but we have a feeling that Kate Hudson prefers to stand out. She always looks pulled together, but it’s obvious that she also has fun with fashion. This look strikes the perfect balance between preppy and hip – and we liked it so much we had to recreate it ourselves.

Kate Hudson’s easy summer ensemble is chic from head to toe. We’ll happily wear it shopping, for coffee, for after school pick-up, to the park or out for ice cream…it’s completely versatile. And of course it looks great with the newest Hollywood a-list “accessory”…her adorable son, Ryder.

Celebrity Mom Style: Kate Hudson
1. Loose Blouse with Adjustable Sleeves, $34.99. Available at www.tristanstyle.com.

2. Roots New Large Hobo Bag With Zipper, $228.00. Available at canada.roots.com.

3. Coach Payton Sunglasses, $166.00. Available at www.sunglasshut.com.

4. Romeo Necklace, $48.00. Available at www.foxyoriginals.com.

5. Michael Kors Women’s Rose Gold Bracelet Watch, $335.00. Available at www.thebay.com.

6. Lucky Brand Wedge Sandals, $69.98. Available at www.brownsshoes.com.

7. Illamsqua Nail Polish (on toes in Prosperity), (on fingers in Pink Rain Drops), $17.00. Available at www.sephora.com.

8. Simone Antique Brass Bracelet, $27.46. Available at www.etsy.com

9. Fossil Leather and Plaque Bracelet in Tortoise, $48.00. Available at www.fossil.com.

10. Broken-in Straight Khakis in Greenway, $59.95. Available at www.gapcanada.ca.

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