Our Search For More Hours In The Day


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (at least while we have a second to spare to say it in): we’re busy. Between work, school, play dates, rehearsals, after school programs, volunteering, sports teams, meals, school work, homework and trying (trying!) to free up time for ourselves, “busy” is an understatement.


Our mornings are busy (bundling up kids, making sure they have everything and even slathering them in sunscreen takes time); our lunches are usually spent at work and our after school hours are spoken for (who has time to do homework with their kids every day and make dinner, and do laundry and take one kid to soccer and the other to dance?) and our evenings are usually filled with work or other things with deadlines that we didn’t get to during the day.


We would love some help, but we don’t enjoy the politics of asking our sister, or the lecture-ridden moment when we dare to ask our mother. And for those of us who are also new moms (either with older kids or just one new baby), maybe we want to go back to work and aren’t quite ready to put our wee babe into a huge daycare (can anyone take care of her as well as we can…really?).


Well, that’s where Nannies Inc. comes, — like Mary Poppins herself — to our rescue.


Having a nanny means we’d have someone to help with the early morning hassle of getting the kidlets up and ready for school. We’d have someone to prepare snacks and even a friendly face to meet them at the bus stop or at school to walk them home. Nannies are more flexible than many daycare programs and there is no rushing to pick up the kids, and there is always someone at home to meet them when they get home.


With Nannies Inc., our new wee babe would stay in familiar surroundings, and she can nap and eat on her own schedule. She would also be receiving one-on-one attention, which is comforting to us as a new mom and not quite ready to leave her in a daycare.


In short, Nannies Inc. may just be the answer to our unending search for more hours in the day and more days in the week. We might actually have just a bit of time for ourselves and be assured that our kidlets are receiving the amount of attention and help they deserve and need. And we’re certain it would mean more productive family time. What more can we ask for?


Except possibly for some chocolate…that’s all we’d need on top of Nannies Inc., and our lives would be complete.



Nannies Inc.

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