Top 5 Reasons Kids Should Go To Camp


Thinking about camp for the kidlets this summer? We think it’s a great idea and have five awesome reasons why you should too. (Note: these are also great things to tell your mother-in-law when she shames you for not wanting to spend every waking moment of every single day with your kids).


To Make New Friends
Kids need to socialize and camp is (in addition to school) an excellent place for a new and possibly life-long friendship to form.

Types of camps: Any camp, including overnight camps (ages 4 and up in most settings).


To Get Exercise
Kids spend a lot of time in school sitting down. Camp can allow them to get fresh air and burn off all that energy that is pent up inside them.

Types of camps: sports camps such as hockey camp, basketball camp, soccer camp, karate camp, dance camp,  tennis camp, gymnastics camp or even a general sports camp.


Educational Help
Camp can be an opportunity for a student who’s struggling in school to catch up, or can provide a gifted student the chance to increase their education in a subject.

Types of camps: French immersion camp, debate camp, ESL camp, science camp.


Practice or Learn a Skill
A week is a great amount of time for a child to dive into an activity, subject, or hobby they’re interested in. Whether they’re building on existing skills or trying something completely new, this week off from school is no excuse for their education to stop.

Types of camps: photography camp, drama camp, music camp, cooking camp,  art camp.


To Force Them to Unplug
Take this week-long opportunity to let your child unplug for a week and slow down. It will allow them to go back to the grind of school and life with a clearer mind.

Types of camps: wilderness camp, ranch-based camps, eco-education camps.

Make sure you check out our camp listings in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver for overnight camps, day camps, arts camps, specialty camps, sports camps  and more! Also see our other sources for camps like Sports for Kids in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver.


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  • annabailey

    Interesting information, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Rudolf Fairbanks

    At camp, children learn the responsibility of making their own decisions with the safety net of insightful counselors and staff in a safe environment. Campers can risk finding out what works and what doesn’t, while discovering new facets of themselves. The camp environment provides peer support that allows children to quickly overcome their need for constant parental dependency.