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Brrr. With winter comes the cold, but also the hot chocolate, the cuddle-under-the-covers early mornings, fun snowy-weather sports, and…lots of time to fill indoors. Make it quality time with some fun winter crafts to liven up the house. And since we’re looking at two weeks (or more) at home with the kids over winter break, we might as well find a few crafts we can do with them, too!

Snow Globes
The first one that caught our eye was a DIY snow globe from crafts.kaboose.com. They are made from small glass jars and glitter for the snow and any figurine you might want to put inside. We’re actually hoping to get our kids to make one for our desk at work.

Edible Snowmen
Next up, something edible (of course!). These adorable Frostys are made from egg whites, sugar and Fruit Roll-Ups. The directions are on curbly.com and they couldn’t be simpler.

Cork People
Once we found a use for all those wine corks sure to be lying around after all the holiday dinners, we knew we were on the right track. These cute winter cork people from appleshoe.blogspot.ca would be great set up on the mantle as carolers, as tree decorations or even place holders at future dinners.

Winter Tree Craft
Kids love tissue paper crafts, and this one from dltk-holidays.com uses a tracing of their hand as well, so what could be better? We’re thinking we might take a walk and point out the things that live in and around trees in the winter so our kids can decorate this tree with birds, squirrels and other wildlife we might see.

Lightbulb Penguin
We adore penguins—especially during the winter. This one that orientaltrading.com posted, made out of a used lightbulb is probably the cutest and best way we’ve seen to upcycle those lightbulbs we would otherwise just throw away.

Herbal Fire Starter
Not everyone has a fireplace, but those of us who do know that kindling and fire starters can be expensive. Why not make a bunch of these ones from wholeliving.com to have on hand for starting the fire over the holidays and make everything smell oh-so-heavenly.

Melting Marshmallow Snowmen
More edible snowmen (because really, how many is too many?) that are really s’mores with flare. These would be great after an ice skating or skiing outing.

Winter Glitter Lantern
This lantern from crunchyfrugalista.com is so pretty we might leave it up all year round. It’s also pretty simple to put together and is a great craft to use up all those spaghetti sauce jars we have piling up.

Colourful Paper Trees
These coloured-paper trees from the Crate Paper blog made with papier-mâché tree shapes, coloured paper, and a hot-glue gun are easy to make and a nice pop of colour for the mantle or holiday table.

Bottlecap Snowmen
This craft is practically free: it just requires some bottlecaps, paint and a few scraps of ribbon, yarn, and some of those mismatched buttons you’ve been holding onto for years. Thanks to One Artsy Mama for sharing it with the masses!

Sock Bears
We all have socks without mates (thanks to the dryer monster) and this craft (originally from rawrcreatures.com is so simple and so cute we couldn’t help but want to make a dozen wee bears from socks.

DIY Christmas Tree
We couldn’t resist this idea for a Christmas tree from basiclabelsweden.blogspot.ca. This is one craft we’ll hang onto for next year and possibly not buy a tree but make one instead.

Do you have a favourite winter craft that you found on Pinterest? Share it with us! And don’t forget to visit our Pinterest page to see what we’ve pinned in our Winter Crafts board as well as our Christmas with Kids board.

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