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The circus is coming to town! This summer, one of the most family-friendly, affordable, and exciting attractions in the Toronto area is, without a doubt, the Royal Canadian Family Circus SPECTAC! It’s a show designed to delight kids of all ages and grown-ups, too.

Under the Big Top at the Royal Canadian Family Circus SPECTAC!

What makes this circus truly unique is its performers. Almost every act is a family affair: circus families from all corners of the globe who have performed together for generations. Learn more about them here!

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The High-Wire Act

On the high wire, husband-and-wife duo Aura and Werner Cardinali—both from a long line of circus performers—execute daring stunts on a thin, suspended wire high above the crowd…while Aura sings! This talented couple has been featured on America’s Got Talent.

The Chinese Acrobats

Chinese acrobatic theatre history dates back more than 2,000 years. So it should come as no surprise that today some of the world’s most amazing acrobats hail from China, including this family troupe performing feats like hoop diving, contortions, and the Chinese Lion Dance.

Royal Canadian Family CIrcus

The Aerial Strap

A husband-and-wife aerialist team—each fifth-generation circus performers—wow the crowd in this graceful act in which they’re suspended by a single rope, using some serious body strength to elegantly spiral and seemingly swim through the air.

The World’s Fastest Juggler

A world record holder for juggling nine Ping-Pong balls with his mouth (try that at home!) Tommy Tequila moves so quickly, his juggling clubs are a blur.

The Magical Bileas

The Bilea Family from Romania performs a flashy quick-change act with split-second costume transformations as well as a fast-paced hula-hoop show.

The Equestrian Acrobats

Horses are the only animal act you’ll find in this circus, as part of this amazing equestrian show where acrobatic stunt riders balance, juggle, and perform flips on horseback—and even springboard onto a galloping horse.

Show Details

The Royal Canadian Family Circus SPECTAC! will be in the Toronto area almost all summer long, with shows in Mississauga, Markham, Pickering, Burlington, and Oakville, from June 29 to August 5. That’s 52 shows in total. See the website for all the show dates.

Ways to Save

Tickets are already reasonably priced, at just $25 for general admission and free for ages 3 and under. But you can save even more with these promotions and prizes:

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See you under the big top!


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