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Sometimes it’s hard to stay as active as your kids. They’re bouncing off the walls and you just want to have a nap. If you’re trying to get in sync with them, physical activity-wise, try taking part in yoga as a family. A great way to strengthen muscles and strengthen bonds, it’s also a wonderful stress reliever for you and the kids.

There are a number of places in the GTA that offer family yoga classes.

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Kidnasium has seasonal all-ages family yoga classes that urge students to move and breathe as a family and even entice them into family games of Twister.

745 Mount Pleasant Rd., 2nd floor, Toronto



Families seeking a positive and loving interaction are led by director Temmi Ungerman Sears who “weaves yoga within the matrix of your family relationships.” Classes include those geared toward families with kids ages 4 and up, parents-and-teens, as well as kids ages 5–9, tweens ages 9–11, youth ages 10–16, and children with special needs. Look for special classes and workshops like Mother-Daughter Yoga and Art Yoga.

165 Dewbourne Ave. (Bathurst and Eglinton), Toronto

Octopus Garden


It’s great to connect through yoga, even when your children are too small to verbally communicate. Octopus Garden has family yoga sessions, parent-and-tot yoga classes for mobile babies and pre-crawlers, respectively. It’s a great way to network with a community of new parents. Check the website for information on kids’ and teen yoga classes, too.

967 College St., Toronto

Roots Yoga Studio


Mothers and their 7- to 12-year-old daughters are the focus of the Mother-Daughter Yoga class taught by former school teacher Dana Chapman. The class is based on the importance of the parent-child relationship and its role in a child’s development. Move, breathe, and create with your child. Check the schedule for other interesting classes like AcroYoga for ages 8–12 and Back-To-School Yoga for kids.

1073 Yonge St., 3rd floor, Toronto

Young Yoga Masters


You can’t beat the price for these family yoga classes! Free and open to all ages, classes are led by student teachers earning their Kids Yoga Teacher Certification and sometimes by expert trainers. Just pre-register and bring your own mat. You can sign up for a newsletter alerting you to upcoming classes.

Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto

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  • Marlene Ferreira

    i don’t see family yoga for 3yrs @ Yoga Grove on their site as mentioned above. how recent is this list?

    1. Shannon Kelly

      Hi Marlene – Thanks for your comment. This hadn’t been updated in a while, so we’ve removed outdated info. We’ll update the post with some new options in other parts of the city the next month. But for now, we’ve also added a link to our Yoga & Meditation business listings, which include 30 yoga class options for kids and families in Toronto.

  • Sara Mercer

    Hi There!

    We’ve started monthly Family Yoga sessions at Octopus Garden now too! All ages, all abilities – come one, come all! They typically run the first Sunday of the month from 10:30-11:30am. We also have a Parent and Tot series starting on Wednesdays in November from 11:15-12:15pm. We’re working on bringing Kids and Teen programming back too!

    1. Shannon Kelly

      Thanks, Sara! We’ve updated the article with this new information.

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