Indian River Reptile & Dinosaur Park

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2206 Hwy 7 (Country Road 38) Asphodel-Norwood, ON, Canada
Platform: In-Person Only

COVID-19 Updates

The new Drive-Thru Dinosaur Park allows you to tour the park from the comfort of your own vehicle.

About Indian River Reptile & Dinosaur Park

Explore the world of reptiles at Canada’s premier reptile zoo. View over 200 reptiles in climate-controlled conditions. Each enclosure presents reptiles in their natural setting and features specific information about each species. Features boas, pythons, rattlesnakes, vipers, cobras, turtles, tortoises, lizards, crocodiles, dinosaurs and much more. Many of these animals were rescued from the pet trade or are endangered species that cannot be returned to the wild.

The Indian River Reptile Zoo is located on 44 acres of the unique landscape and offers lots of activities, including:

  • nature walk and pond/hiking trail
  • picnic area
  • giant croc slide – 9.14m (30 feet) high!
  • paleontological dig for real bones in the Bone Yard
  • Croc Walk
  • ​mini-golf
  • live educational lectures
  • Stonehenge replica
  • T-Rex footprint
  • life-sized dinosaurs and skeletons
  • Crocs After Dark


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