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Sometimes there is just so much to do in a day and grocery shopping is the last way you want to spend your time—especially with kids in tow. Luckily, a number of grocery delivery services are available to save the day—and your nerves—in Toronto and the GTA.

With organic, brand-name, and local options available, these businesses offer a number of ways to make your life a little easier. So gain back those hours a day you spend visiting the grocery store and use it to make your family a fabulous meal with your newly delivered groceries!

Full-Service Online Grocery Stores

At these online grocery stores you can fill your virtual shopping cart with nearly every product you’d find in a conventional grocery store or bricks-and-mortar organic/health-food store.

Did you know you can get groceries from Costco delivered to your home? boasts the “lowest prices for premium brands” and offers same-day delivery for groceries from Costco Etobicoke to downtown Toronto addresses. It also has a no-questions-asked return policy. Items priced individually; delivery $10 (free for orders over $199).

Grocery Gateway

The grocery store empire Longos delivers groceries to Toronto and many locations in the GTA via Grocery Gateway. You can find almost everything you’d find in a bricks-and-mortar store, including fresh produce, organic items, baby supplies, and fresh, prepared, and frozen foods, plus beer and wine. Customers can rate and suggest products online—a great way to give constructive feedback. Items priced individually; grocery delivery fee $9.99 (additional service fee applies for beer and wine delivery).


If you need your groceries ASAP, InstaBuggy delivers in as little as one hour. Shopping from your local grocery stores (or LCBO!), it delivers from 9 am to 9 pm every day. Prices are set independently from the stores. InstaBuggy staff carefully pick and pack your produce, and you can even request the specific ripeness of your fruits and veggies. Items priced individually; grocery delivery $9.99 (free on orders over $80), LCBO delivery $19.99.

Mr. Case

This online shop delivers groceries (you guessed it!) by the case. If you’ve got the storage space to buy in bulk you could save a bundle on everyday items, from packaged and frozen foods to diapers, household cleaners, coffee and tea and everything in between. It’s less convenient to buy, say, a case of 80 apples—which is why Mr. Case also offers fruit and veggies in smaller quantities: apples in bags of six, for example. Items individually priced; delivery $5 on orders over $75 and $8 on orders under $75.

Real Food Toronto

Husband-and-wife team Mario Fiorucci and Tara Longo, owners of The Healthy Butcher on Queen Street West, created Real Food Toronto as an “easy source for quality food”. They deliver fruits, vegetables, prepared food, wine, bakery and pantry items, seafood, and, of course, meat. Real Food Toronto offers organic and gourmet options, and, if you need some food prep tips, they also offer classes at their Healthy Butcher locations. Items priced individually; delivery $9.99 for orders less than $125, $6.99 for orders of $125–$200, free for orders over $200.

Trillium Tree Organic Market

Trillium Tree Organic Market offers fresh organic produce, breads, cheese, and bulk spices, grains, and pastas sourced from local farmers and producers. Trillium Tree shops for healthy foods and delivers them to the customer. It will confirm and deliver your order in 48 hours. Items priced individually; delivery free on orders over $35.

Walmart Grocery

Walmart delivers its groceries to your home with a minimum order of $50. You can find pretty much anything that’s in store—if you’re in the delivery area. While Walmart has been delivering grocery items to U.S. addresses for a few years now, in Canada it is still a pilot project. Enter your postal code to see if Walmart Grocery Delivery comes to your street. Items priced individually; delivery $9.97.

CSA-Type Produce Delivery

These companies specialize in local and organic produce, fresh from the farm, and package a mix of fruits and veggies largely based on availability and what’s in season. Some offer select grocery items and/or prepared foods in addition to the produce boxes. Deliveries are usually on a once- or twice-weekly schedule.

BlossomPure Organic

The experience of providing services to hospitals and the health-food industry inspired founder Fahim Alwan to supply ethically sourced halal and tayyib meat to his community, which then led him to expand to supplying food to the GTA. All BlossomPure items are halal, including organic and grass-fed meat, Mennonite products, and dairy products. Delivery is every Thursday. Orders must be over $100; delivery fee $15.


This non-profit organization works with communities and schools, delivering healthy food and food education through workshops and school programs. Its Good Food Box is filled with different fresh fruits and vegetables each week and is available at a number of price points. Deliveries don’t go directly to your home, but to a local community organizer or organization. It’s a great way to eat healthy and meet your neighbours! From $13 for a small box of fruits and veggies; no delivery fee.

Fresh City Farms

Fresh City Farms delivers organic produce and groceries in reusable tote bags. With its own working farm and one under construction, Fresh City Farms is self-sustaining, but also partners with “some of Ontario’s best makers”. With researchers, they study the alternative food system and use their findings to contribute to what they provide to the public. You can order fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy items, bakery items, meat and fish, and prepared foods. From $28 for a two-person produce bag; no delivery fee.

Mama Earth Organics

Mama Earth provides its members with scheduled organic food delivery, focusing on local and ethically responsible produce. You can customize your baskets or nix something from your delivery. (Don’t like broccoli? You’ll never see another sprig.) Each delivery comes with some simple recipe suggestions. From $30 for a small fruit and veggie basket; no delivery fee.


Sustainable, healthy, and local is the focus for Wanigan’s organic fruit and vegetable delivery service. Offering a variety of regular Weekly Wanigans (baskets including an ever-changing assortment of fruits and veggies), Wanigan also delivers herbs, spices, jams, and dried fruit, nut, and seeds. From $25; no delivery fee.

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