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After-school and extra-curricular activities for kids can serve many purposes: they can enrich kids’ learning, get them involved in the arts, help them develop athletic skill and stay healthy, or just keep their hands and minds busy until you get out of work.

No matter what your motivation for seeking after-school programs for your child, Toronto has many options to choose from.

Start with our 6 Tips for Choosing an After-School Program for Your Child.

Then take a look at the some of our favourite ideas for after-school fun below, including several low-cost programs. From sports to crafts to self-improvement, there’s a class for your child out there.

Drama and Performing Arts

With classes like tap, musical theatre, ballet, acting, and creative movement, kids can develop confidence, grace, and a mean set of jazz hands.
Find after-school drama and performing arts programs for kids in Toronto.


We have all heard that exposure to music makes children smarter, so why not boost their back-to-school brains with some music classes?

Find after-school after-school music programs, lessons, and classes for kids in Toronto.

Visual Art and Crafts

Is your child a budding artist? Or do they love to play with play-dough, build with LEGO, or colour? An after-school art class might be just the thing.

Find after-school art programs and classes for kids in Toronto.

Sports and Movement

There are after-school options for every sport under the sun, from soccer to trampolining. And if your tot isn’t yet enamored by one specific sport and you want to see what they like best, you can try a multi-sport program where they hop from sport to sport on different days.

Find after-school sports programs and lessons for kids in Toronto: soccer, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, baseball, multi-sport, and more.


One of the most important things a child can learn is to swim. Some companies offer in-home lessons if you’re lucky enough to have a pool. Or take your wee guppies to a local pool and watch them grow into fast-swimming fishies.

Some Toronto programs:


Encourage your child to be more centred with yoga classes. Yoga can be a good option for the child who needs to wind down at the end of the day, and is a great way to recover from a busy, stressful schedule and serves as a nice break from the school day before dinner and homework.

Find after-school yoga programs for kids in Toronto.

Science and Technology

Raising a little smarty pants? If your child likes nature, solving puzzles, or is generally curious about the world, check out a science, math, or technology program. STEM programs can further what kids learn in school or introduce them to new concepts to make learning fun.

Find after-school science and technology programs for kids in Toronto.

Low-Cost Programs

The City of Toronto’s After-School Recreation Care program is affordable and keeps kids busy with crafts, outdoor play, sports, and homework help.

Check with your local branch of the Toronto Public Library to find out about after-school programs focusing on homework help and reading.

Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada have after-school programs for members. It’s a great way for kids to have fun and learn skills. It’s like camp all year round. (Warning: you may have to take one for the team and stock up on Girl Guide cookies!)

Don’t forget to check your child’s school for in-school after-school programs. Contact the school directly or the Toronto District School Board or Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Many companies offer classes that kids go to immediately after they’re finished school (meaning you don’t have to worry about chauffeuring them around town yourself).

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