Summer-Inspired Baby Names


To help us get in the mood to celebrate summer, we’ve rounded up 16 unique baby names for boys and girls that’ll guarantee your little beach babes always feel connected to the lazy days of summer.

Summer: Taking a rather literal approach to start off our summer-inspired baby name theme, Summer has a feminine but not-too-girly feeling to it, don’t you think?

August/Augusta/Agusto/Augstus: Naming your son a Latin-inspired name that means “exhaulted” should give him a sense of pride…naming your daughter a name that means “great” is well…pretty great.

Shell/Chelle/Rochelle: Rochelle is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning is “little rock”. Like all the pebbles in the sea, no two babies with this name would be alike.

Tulip: a bright, colourful, beautiful flower we love to see everywhere in the warmer months, this is a perfect name for our bright, beautiful daughter whom we will love to gaze at unendingly.

River: For a name that really flows, (and is totally cool…and cools us off!) River sweeps away the competition. Used for both boys and girls, River is current without being too far down stream.

Keanu: Yes, he’s famous and yes he is cute, but that’s not why we love his name for a child. It actually means “breeze”… something you really hope will come along on a hot summer day.

June/Juniper/Juno: June, a sweetly old-fashioned name, was long locked in a time capsule with June Cleaver, but is now being rediscovered and is a new hipster favorite.

Why not bring forth thoughts of the quintessential American Summer holiday, the fourth of July with this presidential name? He was quite the man, with ideals and strength we’d love to instill in our own offspring.

A beautiful botanical name used for both boys and girls, berries can be sweet or sour, much like our tempestuous off-spring.

In German it is either a variant of the surname Tann (meaning ‘forest’, and used for someone who lived in one) or Tanne (meaning ‘pine’, and used for someone who lived near a pine tree or in a pine forest). In Finnish it comes from the Finnish word ‘tanner’ (‘open field’). Regardless, we love it and the summer images it conjures up in our minds.

The name in French means “little field”… appropriate for a wee babe who will be rolling around on the grass in the little field of our own backyard.

Sink your feet into the sand and embrace this name that suits girls and boys alike.

Leif is of Scandinavian origin, and the meaning of Leif is “heir; loved”. We love how green the Leaves are in the summer and that might be inspiration enough for our wee baby boy’s name.

A Japanese name that means “sunlight” rounds out our summer inspired baby names (and we think it’s pretty awesome for a girl..or a boy).


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