It’s Time For Our Kids to Give Back


As parents we know it takes a courageous kid to stand up for what they believe in. We also know that when kids are supported by peers and mentors who share their beliefs, it has a tremendous impact on their lives and the lives of others.

In between worrying about what shoes to wear and how to style their hair, we also want our kids to grow up aware of important social issues, with leadership and public speaking skills. We want them to understand the world around them and to know their own strengths and talents and open their minds to the endless possibilities of their futures.

This summer, we’re thinking we should enroll our kids in a camp that will strengthen their leadership abilities, cultivate their compassion for others, and increase their awareness of pressing global issues…

A camp like Me to We’s Take Action Summer Camp.

Me to We’s Take Action Summer Camps
are week-long, social justice-themed summer camps, designed to give young people leadership skills, confidence and peer support to improve not only themselves, but their world.

Varying in age from 9 to 18, participants come from around the globe and spend their Me to We’s Take Action Summer Camp experience learning leadership skills, exploring pressing global issues, volunteering in the local community and exploring their place within a worldwide social movement of globally conscious young people.

At Me to We’s Take Action Summer Camp, participants build incredible friendships that last a lifetime. Campers meet other young people who share their interests, learn to think critically about local and global social justice issues and build leadership skills,  gain hands-on volunteer experience to make a real change in the local community, build a connection with facilitators who have collectively traveled to dozens of countries and find their passion and fuel the spark – with a plan of action beyond the end of the camp week.

New for our returning campers in 2013, Me to We’s Take Action Summer Camp is offering  three advanced leadership streams that provide mentorship and skills in the following areas: Arts and Activism, Journalism for Justice and Social Innovation.  These streams will focus on specialized themes to help participants learn about social justice and inventive approaches to creating change.

So even if today their biggest issue is making friends at school or what shoes are “socially acceptable” to wear, that’s okay. We know that they’re going to be in good hands this summer…and we’ll likely have a wee activist on our hands after sending them to camp for a week this summer.


Me to We’s Take Action Summer Camp
225 Carlton St. Toronto, ON, M5A 2L2

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