An Eco-Education Is An Excellent Investment


Coming up on Earth Day we find ourselves wondering if our kids really know that much about the environment. Have we taught them enough?

Environmental education is so important for our kids (and their kids, and their kids…), and sometimes we feel that all our kids know about it is that recycling is important. While it IS indeed important, there is so much more they need to know (to pass on to their kids, and their kids and their kids…).

We have finally found a great place that our kids can head to learn so much more about the environment and all the things they can be doing to preserve it for their kids, and their kids’ kids (…and so on and so on…).

Glen Bernard Camp is a girls summer camp as well as an outdoor education centre for co-ed school groups with a commitment to teaching environmental sustainability. This commitment is demonstrated by their use of solar energy, composting toilets, energy efficient lighting and even a solar boat.

Glen Bernard’s earth education program and activities take place in their state-of-the art, solar powered buildings which allow campers to interact and learn about sustainable technologies and their relationship with the natural world. Their slogan “live lightly” applies both to the atmosphere of fun and the commitment they share to care for the earth.

Glen Bernard fills each day with opportunities to challenge campers of all ages and skill levels. Their wide variety of activities creates endless possibilities of new choices: canoeing, kayaking, sailing, boardsailing, theatre, rock climbing, high ropes, low ropes, mountain biking, horseback riding, trampoline, canoe trips, arts & crafts, tennis, archery, golf and more.

Even if all they know right now is that recycling is important, we know that even one day at Glen Bernard will have them wanting to live lightly — both at camp and at home, boding well for future generations (and so on and so on and so on…).



Glen Bernard Camp

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