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As new parents we hit a brick wall when we were finally ready to get out to see the world again. What could we do with our wee ones? Where could we spend time with our infant and meet new parents? Then as our babes got older, we wanted to take them someplace that they could develop their independence — so that when the time came, they would be ready for school. Once they did reach school age, we wanted programs that would expand their minds beyond the 123’s and ABC’s somewhere that would challenge their thinking and encourage them to reach for more.


But in our searches, while we may have found a class for each stage in a different location, we had some trouble finding one place where we could take them as they got older (and then take their siblings as well when they came along), where they’d grow and learn and be comfortable year after year.


That is, until we came across Wise Adventures. There, they have parent and tot classes for infants and toddlers and then they continue on from there, all the way up to the stage where our wee ones are in need of tutoring, or we are in need of a night off (and they are old enough to stay somewhere for an evening while we go out and enjoy ourselves (or take a much-needed break!).


In short, Wise Adventures will be there for us from when we have infants and need some support and a community of parents around us, all the way up to when those wee ones grow up to be school-aged kidlets and can spend time there on their own. We love that we can find all that in one place…it’s kind of like having a really huge family (that we really, really like!).

Wise Adventures
808 Britannia Rd. W. Unit 213

905-782-8110 / 416-801-5308

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