10 Party Favours and Loot Bag Ideas Trending Right Now

Birthday Parties

The games have been played, the presents have been opened, and the cake has been eaten. What’s the final part of the birthday celebration? An awesome loot bag for your guests to take home! Loot bags are a way to thank your guests for coming and help them remember the occasion – and kids love grabbing their bagful of goodies as they head out the door! You want to fill them with cool, budget-friendly trinkets and treats that kids will actually want and use – not junk that will pile up in their bedroom. Here are our top 10 picks for the newest and trendiest kid-approved loot bag items, as well as the 10 best classic party favours that never go out of style and are always fun!


Kids go bananas for these adorable grocery store figurines, and the books, stickers, cards, and plush toys that come with them! Check out Scholar’s Choice for a large selection. The 2-packs are the perfect size and price for a loot bag.

Cake Pops

Let them eat cake pops! These sweet, portable, bite-sized treats are all the rage. For beautiful and delicious cake pops custom-made to match your party’s theme, contact Party Monsters Invitations and More.

LEGO Minifigures

It’s no secret that kids love LEGO, so why not give them what they want? The Minifigure mystery bags add lots of excitement. Depending on your party-goers, you might choose the classic Minifigures or the Disney, Monsters, Simpsons or Toronto Blue Jays series – available from Mastermind http://www.mastermindtoys.com/.

Personalized Labels

Nothing makes a kid feel special like something with their own name on it that’s all theirs. Personalized labels and bag tags express a kid’s personality, and they’re very useful. Create and order them online at stuckonyou.ca – just make sure you have the spelling of their name right.

Disney Tsum Tsums

See how these unique versions of your favourite Disney characters (including Star Wars and Marvel!) stack up, literally. They fit on top of each other for a new way to play and display. Available at Walmart as plush toys and 3-pack plastic figurines.

Water Bottles

This cool party favour will also cool kids down – especially after an active birthday party. Colourful, kid-sized reusable water bottles are a fun and useful, so parents will appreciate them too. The Crocodile Creek lineup of bottles is our favourite for function and cuteness! Look for them at Treasure Island Toys.

TY Beanie Boos

Who doesn’t want to bring home an adorable, fluffy new friend? With loads of animals to choose from, like Fantasia the Unicorn and Waddles the Penguin, there’s a Beanie Boo that every child will want to add to his or her collection. Visit Mastermind for a large selection, with small Beanie Boos for $5.99 and cool clip-ons for $3.99.

Gift Cards

Loot bags should be a treat, so why not treat your special guests to something yummy at one of their favourite spots? Put enough money on a gift card to cover an ice cream at Baskin & Robbins, a Happy Meal at McDonalds, or a bag of popcorn at Kernels.


Bug out with these high-tech loot bag toys. These nano robots behave like bugs – they can walk, avoid objects, and flip themselves over. Plus, they come with a code to register online for games and learning. Check them out at Toys“R”Us.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon is back! Help your guests catch ‘em all with the reasonably priced booster packs from Mastermind http://www.mastermindtoys.com/ . They can trade and battle with the other guests!


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