How To Keep Kids Safe Around the Pool this Summer

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Canonball! There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a dip in a pool. Kids can spend hours splashing and frolicking in the water. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your own backyard, you know how much fun it is. You also know how dangerous it can be unless the proper safety measures are taken.

Hundreds of children drown every year and many more are hospitalized due to pool-related accidents. Having a pool is a pleasure, but it’s also a huge responsibility. For over 20 years, Kiddie Proofers has achieved great success and significant recognition as a company 100% dedicated to child safety. This is especially true when it comes to swimming pool safety. We asked the experts at Kiddie Proofers for some tips for ensuring our pools are as safe as possible this summer.

Pool Safety Tips

Surround your swimming pool with removable pool fencing such as Baby Barrier to keep kids out of the pool area when unsupervised. Baby Barrier comes with an outstanding 40-year safety record. Be sure that whatever enclosure you buy includes professional installation.

Inside your house, add locks or latches doors that lead outside. Ask guests to use them as well.

Install an alarm in addition to a fence. An alarm (like the Pool Guard) is an added protection for pool safety. It alerts you while inside the home that someone has entered the pool. But since it alerts you after the fact, a fence is an essential first line of defense.

Have a first-aid kit on hand. It’s a good idea to buy an everything-included kit and to take a local first-aid course so you’re up to date in how to proceed in an emergency.

These preventative measures will give you peace of mind so you can relax and have fun in the pool this summer. Now just remember the sunscreen and enjoy your pool time!


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