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Online Music Lessons

The VSO School of Music has moved online! All instrumental lessons and classes are offered virtually via Zoom and open to students across Canada. Options include mixed-arts classes (music, crafts, cooking), sing-alongs, and early learning music classes.

You can also book a virtual birthday party that includes a VSOSoM party host who leads a 45-minute musical adventure for up to 20 children.

About VSO School of Music

This Vancouver music school has fun, engaging classes and lessons for children and adults of all ages, taught by experienced and professional music educators. Classes are open to any level of musical experience and background.

Programs include early years music, private instrumental and voice lessons, music theory classes, children’s choir, jazz, songwriting, and more. Instruments taught include piano, guitar, violin and other strings, harp, recorder, flute and other woodwinds, and brass instruments.

The VSO School of Music has summer camps and PA/PD day camps.


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