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Taggart YMCA, 180 Argyle Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0N2
University Settlement, 23 Grange Rd., Toronto, ON M5T 1C3

About AquaMermaid

Choose a mermaid tail and jump in the pool to learn how to swim like a mermaid or merman, using both legs–and a tail! Perfect for birthday parties and special events. Weekly classes are available, too.

The activity includes different swimming techniques, games, challenges, and time for personal photos to capture this unique experience.

What’s included in a mermaid party:

  • 1-hour mermaid­ swimming party in the pool
  • mermaid tail rental for the guests

AquaMermaid birthday party packages include tail rentals and a lesson for all the guests, as well as games and mermaid challenges and photo opportunities. Teen parties are also available.

Or you can hire a mermaid for your child’s party. Kids get to swim and play games with a mermaid and take photos with her. For these parties, kids don’t wear tails.

Locations: Mermaid parties are hosted at AquaMermaid pools in Ottawa or Toronto — or can be offered at your private pool!


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  • Jude

    My Daughter has been Wanting to take mermaid classes for eons! Aquamermaid seemed like the only solution for my daughter’s birthday wish to come true. once on site, it was the beginning of an absolute nightmare! the Teacher was not a mermaid, wearing a regular blue t-shirt. There was no lifeguard on site. the tails were falling off at every second minute, my daughter was sinking to the bottom! luckily she was able to remove the rest of her pathetic excuse of a tail just in time to come back to surface. and the teacher didn’t even notice!! This is supposed to be an internationally renowned company! but they struggle to keep a very basic level of quality, & safety standards! their tails are really ugly! ripped, worn off, with black dots growing on the monofins. this is dangerous! please do not hire this company, and try to find a different mermaid alternative in your area that is not Aquamermaid branded! they are really pathetic.