4 Reasons To Book a March Break Camp This Year

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March Break is almost here, so it’s time to figure out how you’re going to keep the kids busy while school’s out. Grandma’s house, a babysitter, or all-day stays at your regular after-school program might be options, but why not use this as a chance to help the kids grow, learn, socialize, and have an unforgettable experience?

March Break day camps are not just a great way to get the kids out of the house, they’re also a chance for the kids to learn new skills, make new friends, gain confidence, get creative, and have tons of fun.

We asked some camp pros to tell us why you should send your kids to camp during the March Break.

1. Maintain a routine.

Day camps help keep kids on a regular schedule. Kristina from Avenue Road Arts School says, “Children like routine, so maintaining a consistent schedule, even over school breaks, is always a good thing. It keeps their brains stimulated, encourages social interaction and fosters their creativity while also promoting confidence and team-building skills.”

“Maytal from The Second City agrees, “Keeping kids on a schedule on March Break, while also breaking out of the monotony of the school year, keeps them active and engaged.”

2. Keep kids active.

March Break camps can also be a great way to keep the kids active. Melisa from TAC Sports tells us, “Camp can help them stay healthy and active while learning not only their choice of sport, but also team-building skills and how to play fairly with others. Children connect with others with the same interests and meet new friends.”

3. Try something new.

New friends and new experiences is another reason to send your kids to March Break camp. “March Break offers kids fun and engaging activities to keep them busy and provides them with an opportunity for new experiences and to make new friends,” says Jennifer from Pawsitively Pets.

Plus, “March Break is an excellent time for children to explore new interests and have lots of fun at the same time. Day camps are a fantastic opportunity for kids to make new friends, learn about things like science, and recharge their batteries before the spring semester at school,” says Alysha from Mad Science. Robyn from Adventure Valley tells us that at their camp, “Kids are learning and building skills each day!”

Get kids out of their comfort zone and watch how they flourish. Loretta from The Royal Conservatory School shared some interesting data about the emotional affects of camp: “The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, which tracked 1,288 campers, aged three to 18 from 16 overnight and day camps across Canada, found that 69% of participating campers experienced positive growth in the area of emotional intelligence—an astonishing change for such a short timeframe. Practicing teamwork and overcoming obstacles in a safe, friendly environment contributes to increasing a child’s ability to regulate his or her emotional state.”

4. Re-energize kids and nourish their interests.

The monotony of the school year can be hard for some kids, and March Break can offer some relief. Joe from Double ’00’ spy school says, “It’s truly a break from the ho-hum they feel. It’s also an amazing time to spread their wings a little by discovery through science, sports, and adventure.”

Pamela from U of T Math Camps concurs: “March Break is a great time for kids to have a bit of fun and get to meet people who have similar interests to them. It’s a chance to break out from the normal routine and explore something different from what they see every day in school.”

“A week is a long time to sit at home, and it’s advantageous to keep kids busy with fun and interesting activities,” said Jordan from Hatch Canada.

There are so many positive outcomes that result from sending your kids to camp during the March Break, be it health and fitness, emotional growth, education, skill building, or simply getting them out of the house.

If you’re considering March Break camp, the next step is finding one that is right for your kids. Start with How to Find the Right Camp For Your Kids, with more great tips from the pros.

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